Ki Amuk Cannon of Banten Grand Mosque in Kasemen District

For those who look for a unique vacation destination, Banten Province can be a perfect choice. In Serang Regency, there is Banten Grand Mosque. It features a unique and historical ornament called Ki Amuk Cannon. The mosque is located in Kasemen District, actually. Today, the canonry is considered the best feature of such structure. Also, it was quite useful back then. The locals used it to defend Karanghantu Port against the invasion of the enemy. Due to its historical value, such ornament has attracted lots of tourists over time.

The Nuance
In terms of size, it is not quite big. It is made of bronze and the weight is about 7 tons. What about the length? It is 3 meters! The diameter of this ornament is 0.70 meters, actually. The color is black and it is located on a brick-painted foundation. What makes it unique? Some locals believe it has a mystical power. Not to mention it also emits charming radiance. There are fences surrounding this ornament, too. If you visit the mosque, you should reach the cannon as well. It is a primary feature of the mosque, after all.

Exploring Ki Amuk Cannon
Ki Amuk Cannon is as famous as Jagur Cannon. However, it is considered more sacred than others. According to the history, the blast sound of the cannon is able to scare the enemies. Also, there is a story behind the cannon. There were Demak soldiers named Jagur and Amuk. Struck by some black magic, they turned into cannons. Their power and aura were outstanding, though. No wonder, people in Banten considered them sacred and powerful. These days, come to Banten Grand Mosque to take pictures of those things and witness them directly.

Another great feature of Ki Amuk Cannon is the Arabic verse “akibatul khairi salamtul iman”. It is a meaningful sentence, actually. The keeper of the mosque may tell you the meaning of such sentence. Make sure to approach them in a good manner. From such keeper, you can also learn the history of the cannon. It is said the cannon had been there since the 17th Century. The name was Desperant. Browse Family Fare Ad on WeeklyAds2. For a reason, the name changed to Ki Amuk. No one knows why.

The best tourist activity near to Ki Amuk Cannon is photography. You can even take selfies in front of it. Next, it is to learn the history. There are different sources available. According to the books, Ki Amuk was built by Koja Zaenal. He betrayed the Portuguese and gave the cannon to people in Banten. Later, the locals used it to defend their port against the attack of the Portuguese. What’s next? The last thing to do is to visit nearby tourist lures.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those who live in Jakarta, you can directly head to Kasemen District, Banten. The trip takes roughly 2 hours and the distance is 90 km. Pantura Street is the most preferred route, for sure. Once you reach Kasemen, you only need to head to Banten Grand Mosque. That’s it.

Where to Stay

  • Taman Sari Hotel
  • Flamengo Hotel
  • Surya Hotel

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