Spending Good Times at Marcopolo Waterpark in Tangerang City, Banten

A family vacation should involve a good tourist spot for kids. In this case, waterparks become an excellent choice. The problem is there are many options of a waterpark. If you are visiting Banten Province, there is a recommended destination in Tangerang City. The name is Marcopolo Waterpark. This stunning spot is located in MH Thamrin Street. Just like most of the waterparks, you may find several pools with slides. This one is situated in a strategic location, so you won’t regret visiting it. 

The Nuance
In terms of size, Marcopolo Waterpark is not quite big. There are several main pools for kids and the river-like pool. The guests are able to explore it wholeheartedly. In some parts of the waterpark, you can find a wide water slide. It is the most favorite feature, after all. Next, there are some lazy benches for you to relax. That means parents can watch their kids from this area. Not to mention there are many ornaments including water sprinklers and statues. All of them create a stunning and comfortable nuance in the waterpark.

Exploring Marcopolo Waterpark
Today, Marcopolo Waterpark has gained more popularity. Not only locals, visitors come from other cities as well. What makes it better than other water parks, actually? This one is located on a rooftop of a building. It is part of Serpong Town Square, so you need to reach the fifth floor of this building to find this beautiful waterpark. Apart from playing water, you are able to witness stunning scenery from above. The best view is the CBD Residence and nearby attractions.

As mentioned earlier, there are several pools available for the guests. It features different levels, too. For advanced swimmers, you should try the adult pool. On the other hand, there are pools for kids with shallow water. These ones are suitable for beginners as they are quite safe. In fact, there is a pool for toddlers. Do you want more? There is a special pool featuring a therapy service. All of these pools are definitely valuable. The guests should only choose one based on their preferences.

Almost all tourists love a feature called a stream pool. The length is about 200 meters. Another favorite feature is the whirlpool therapy. As the name suggests, it involves a spiral slide. Only the brave ones would love to try it. On top of that, many facilities are available in Marcopolo Waterpark. These include the changing rooms and toilets. Also, you may find a small mosque in the corner of the waterpark. Not to mention there are several lockers. That means you can keep your items there. The management allows the guests to carry snacks and drinks, in fact.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Tangerang and Jakarta are located near to each other. From Jakarta, you only need to spend about 1 hour to reach Marcopolo Waterpark. The distance is 30 km and the best route is Pantura Street. For a faster trip, it is better to ride a private car than public transportation services. Don’t you agree?

Where to Stay

  • Santika Bintaro Hotel
  • Novotel Tangerang
  • Allium Tangerang

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