A Retreat in Sawarna Beach in Lebak Regency, Banten

Banten Province has many beaches. If you look for a reference, there is Sawarna Beach. As the name suggests, it is located in Sawarna Village. Actually, it belongs to Lebak Regency. The beach is famous for its natural beauty and a stimulating approachability. Most of the visitors are actually people from Rangkasbitung and nearby districts. What makes it different than other beaches in Banten? It is the location. You should spend a little bit effort to reach it. The landscape is quite interesting as well. No one gets disappointed once they have arrived there.

The Nuance
The nuance is flawless. It is indeed a perfect place to relax! The seawater is clear and blue. When it comes to the wave, it is big! Some brave tourists would love to swim in it, though. In some way, the beach is suitable for surfing as well. Next, it is the sand. The color is brown and the texture is soft. However, it isn’t quite wide. Some parts of the shorelines are surrounded by rocks, too. They come in different size. In the back, you can see high cliffs. They become a natural border of this location.

Exploring Sawarna Beach
The beach faces directly to the Indian Ocean. No wonder, the waves are quite strong. Not to mention the currents are considered dangerous, as well. However, some professional swimmers love it! If you aren’t confident with your swimming skills, it is better not to get in the water. Apart from the strong seawater, Sawarna is also popular due to its challenging accessibility. Due to this reason, it becomes a hidden paradise in Lebak Regency. You need to give more efforts to reach the location.

In the past, Sawarna Beach wasn’t quite popular. It was because people weren’t able to reach the seashore easily. Thanks to the internet. Online promotions have lured many travelers to this stunning tourist spot. The sea is majestic and the hills are beautiful. Somehow, these become a perfect combination. For those with lots of burdens, you are able to eradicate your problems there. If you carry foods or snacks, you should never litter. Make sure to retain the beauty of the beach!

It is a fortunate thing. Sawarna Beach is located near to the local settlement. Even though the access isn’t quite good, you can take advantage of local services. Some tourist guides are available in Sawarna Village. They don’t even cost much money. If you are lucky, they will show you several nearby attractions such as Langir, Lalay, and Seribu Candi. These are hidden caves located in this area.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pulo Manuk Beach
  • Ciantir Beach
  • Tanjung Layar Beach

How to Get There
In order to reach the location, you should head to Lebak Regency first. From Jakarta, the distance is roughly 270 km. That means you are going to spend about 7 hours. Once you reach Sawarna Village, you can follow available routes. One thing, you should never expect comfortable roads. Not to mention you must prepare a good stamina. This long journey is nothing compared to the beauty of the beach! Enjoy.

Where to Stay

  • Ocean Queen Resort
  • Malibo Resort
  • Srikandi Homestay

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