Exploring Cilayang Cave in Banten Province

Banten Province holds numerous nature attractions. If you visit Cilayang Village, you should visit a unique cave there. It is called Cilayang Cave. Actually, it is the home of bats. They sleep in the cave and get out at night for feeding. Apart from those black bats, the locals consider the cave as a sacred place. No wonder, some of them come to the cave for a blessing. The thing is it is quite dark inside. Not only you need a flashlight, but you also need a local guide.

The Nuance
Once you reach the location, you may see an enormous cave mouth. The nuance is quite damp and cold. Not to mention it is dark inside. Fortunately, the locals have built fences on and a path to enter the cave safely. In some parts of the cave, you can find torches. That means your adventure in the cave won’t be completely dark. Due to wet and slippery medium, you should pay attention to your steps. Make sure to walk slowly when exploring the cave. Also, it is better to come with a local guide as he knows the route well.

Exploring Cilayang Cave
As mentioned earlier, the nuance is a little bit dark and moist. Cilayang Cave is actually the home of bats. At noon, these creatures are sleeping inside the cave. You can find them hanging on the cave roof. It is true they become the main attraction there. Due to this reason, you can take advantage of them as an object of photography. You need a flashlight or camera flash to capture them beautifully, though. At the afternoon, the bats come out as they want to look for foods. This event is actually interesting, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Most of the time, tourists come to the location to witness the structure of the cave. Some of them want to learn the history of Cilayang Cave, as well. What about you? If you have already had a tour guide, he may tell you story related to the cave. The thing is only the locals know the legend. It is said the cave was the hiding place of bad people. Today, it turns out to be one of the best tourist spots in Banten Province.

Visitors are interested in both history and structure of the cave. It features numerous natural attractions. These include the bats, stalagmites, bushes, and much more. When it comes to activities, tourists are able to explore the cave and take some pictures in it. Even though you can come alone, it is considered risky. Instead, you need to come with your friends or families. It is perfect if you come with a local guide. He may help you with everything.

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How to Get There
For those who come from Jakarta Special Region, a trip to Cilayang Village takes about 2-3 hours. First, you should head to Serang Regency. The distance is approximately 80 km. When it comes to the best route, you can use Pantura Street and Tangerang – Merak Freeway.

Where to Stay

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