Visiting Cikoromoy Public Bath in Kadubungbung Village, Banten Province

Each of you has a different preference when it comes to a family vacation. In Banten Province, the option of tourist spots varies. For a wonderful family vacation, you must head to Cimanuk District. The name is Cikoromoy Public Bath. Actually, it lies in Kadubungbung Village. As the name suggests, it is a perfect location to play water. Both kids and adults are able to enjoy it. The locals manage and retain this tourist spot well, so everyone is able to enjoy good times there.

The Nuance
Once you reach the location, you may see traditional houses. The public bath features fresh and calm water. The thing is the keeper may tell you to use a floating tire. At least, it helps you to safely and comfortably play in the water. For kids, a floating tire is a must. If you don’t like swimming, there are several airboats to rent. In fact, there are plenty of them. Even though you come in holidays, you will always get either a floating tire of such air boat.

Exploring Cikoromoy Public Bath
Most of the time, this public bath is quite secluded. There are not many people coming to this location. Perhaps it is not as popular as other public baths in Banten Province. According to the keeper, the number of visitors has increased recently. That means people start to recognize the value of Cikoromoy Public Bath. Not to mention it features excellent scenery, which is the mountains. Tourists can enjoy such scenery while taking bath. Isn’t that great? Perhaps it is the only public bath featuring such thing.

Despite its status as a traditional public bath, people find it comfortable and interesting. Most tourists are impressed by the fresh and clear water. Also, you may find many visitors in holidays. It will be a merry vacation for families. So, where does the water come from? The source of water is in Pulosari Mountains. It is likely the water is abundant and limitless. That means tourists are always able to visit it whenever they want. It is good news for you!

Apart from the public bath, you can also find several “warungs”. They sell different types of local foods, especially fishes. The best menu is either grilled or fried fish. Once you and your family enjoy playing water, you can simply head to one of those local eateries and grab some foods. When it comes to facilities, there is a parking area. Have no worries. The parking fee is not expensive. It is as cheap as entry fee, actually. The best thing is that the management has decided to give many improvements to Cikoromoy Public Bath. It is for the sake of tourists. You are not an exception!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Cikoromoy Public Bath

How to Get There
If you come from Jakarta, the distance will be 118 km. That means you need to spend at least 3 hours to reach Cimanuk District. Once you reach the location, you can simply head to the public bath. Along the way, you are able to enjoy beautiful and natural scenery such as local houses, farms, mountains, and much more.

Where to Stay

  • Riz Hotel
  • Sofyan Inn
  • Sejahtera Hotel

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