Karang Bolong Beach in Serang Regency, Banten

In Banten Province, you can find several beaches. All of them are beautiful and unique. If you are looking for something different, there is Karang Bolong Beach. It is located in Serang Regency. Not to mention it becomes one of the best tourist attractions in Banten. The beach is popular due to its underwater sea scenery. Karang means “Coral Reef” and Bolong means “Hollow”. Today, it shares the same popularity to Tanjung Lesung, Carita, and Anyer. Thanks to such unique perforated coral. 

The Nuance
The main feature in Karang Bolong is definitely the hollow coral. It is similar to a small tunnel. This unique landscape is situated near to the water, as well. On top of it, there are several trees and fences. You can go up there and witness surrounded scenery. In the beach, the water is calm and mesmerizing. You can see some people playing on rocks nearby! There are some food vendors during holidays, so you can buy snacks and drinks while spending a vacation the beach.

Exploring Karang Bolong Beach
In the past, people recognize it as Karang Suraga Beach. It was named after a sacred man who was meditating in the coast. He even died in such location. The name of this man was Suryadilaga. However, the locals changed its name into Karang Bolong. It was named after the most famous landmark located near to the coast. No one knows the cause of such hollow. The rumor has it. The hollow was created due to the explosion of Krakatoa Mountain back then. Though, it is only a speculation.

Many people love visiting Karang Bolong Beach due to its economic value. It is because the beach doesn’t cost much money. In fact, you can freely explore it. In some occasion, you can even find several foreigners. They come for photography. No wonder, many visitors are attracted to the hollowed coral reef. What about you? You can simply stand in front of it and take selfies. On top of that, the beach has an easy accessibility. You can reach it easily regardless of your location. It is even situated near to Anyer.

Another activity to do in Karang Bolong Beach is relaxation. You only need to carry a mat and sit is a particular spot near to the coast. This way, you can enjoy the breezy wind while witnessing stunning sea scenery. The sound of the waves is indeed hypnotizing. Some rocks are possible to climb, so you can see better views from above! Swimming and boat riding are also fun. Make sure to find the right spots to do those activities, though.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Your main goal is Serang Regency. If you come from Jakarta, you should use a route of Jakarta-Merak Freeway. Once you reach West Cilegon, you should head to Anyer. From there, you can directly reach the beach. From Jakarta, the distance is about 140 km. If you come from Serang, it only takes 50 km. There are many types of vehicles to use. It can be a private or public vehicle.

Where to Stay

•   Sanhyang Indah Resort
•   Mabruk Anyer Hotel
•   Jayakarta Hotel

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