Tasikardi Lake in Kramatwatu District, Banten

Aside from beaches, Banten Province also becomes the home of beautiful lakes. One of them is Tasikardi. It is located in Margasana Village. What you need to do is to reach Kramatwatu District. Tasikardi means “a manmade lake”. It is actually a Sundanese Language. According to legend, the lake was created during the reign of Maulana Yusuf King. The rumor has it. The king and his family used the lake for resting. Today, it becomes one of the best tourist spots in Banten.

The Nuance
The first impression when coming to Tasikardi Lake is the serenity. It features natural beauties like shady trees, stunning water, and much more. The color of the water is green and it is surrounded by several trees. On the lake, you can find several duck boats. It is a no brainer. You are allowed to ride them. The thing is you need to pay the fee. The water is deep and unclear, so swimming isn’t recommended there. What you can do are photography, riding a duck boat, and relaxation.

Exploring Tasikardi Lake
What can tourists expect from it? For example, you can learn the history of Tasikardi Lake. In the past, the name was Situ Kardi. The role is more than a tourist spot. The locals often used it to store water from Cibanten River. The purpose is indeed for irrigation. Back then, people used the water from the lake as a household supply as well. Today, Tasikardi serves mainly as a vacation destination among those who live in Kramatwatu District and other cities. Even some foreigners come there!

The lake features a calm water and gusty wind. You can find several shady trees nearby, too. With all these features, tourists are able to enjoy a refreshing and serene nuance. No wonder, many people come there for relaxation and looking for inspiration. Apart from those features, there are numerous farms located near to the lake. During harvest moon, farmers come to their land. This definitely becomes a stunning extra sight in Tasikardi Lake. Due to this reason, you should carry your camera and take good pictures of objects there.

Next, Tasikardi Lake is the home of numerous fishes. For those who love fishing, you can take your time there. When it comes to facilities, there are several canteens and stores. In fact, you can buy fishing equipment. Another interesting activity is camping. It is because you can find a camping ground there. It becomes an opportunity to get closer to the nature. Once you take your time in the lake, it is the time to visit nearby island using a boat.

Nearby Attractions

  • Wulandira Park
  • Banten Grand Mosque

How to Get There
Most of the visitors come from nearby villages. If you come from Jakarta, your first destination is Kramatwatu District. That means you should reach Serang Regency, as well. Once you have arrived at Kramatwatu, you can continue your trip to Margasana Village. The lake is noticeable, so you can find them easily. The whole trip takes about 2-3 hours and the distance is 106 km. You can either use a private car or rent it. Public transportation is not a bad idea, but it takes longer than a private vehicle.

Where to Stay

  • Horison Forbis Hotel
  • Grand Mangku Utara Hotel

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