A Valuable Krakatau Sailing Club in Anyer, Banten Province

Many options are available in spending good holidays. For example, you can join a sailing club. In Banten Province, there is Krakatau Sailing Club. The base is in Marina Krakatau Steel. It is located in Anyer District. By joining the club, you have an opportunity to make new friends and learn some experiences regarding sailing. That means you will be the part of the community. That doesn’t mean you need to buy a sailing boat. What you need is to pay the membership fee, so you can rent the sailing boat and join the others.

The Nuance
The most common route is Anyer beach and nearby seas. The size of the sailing boat isn’t quite big. It can only accommodate 1 passenger. The waves of the sea near to Anyer aren’t quite strong either. That means you can explore it safely. The thing is you must come at the right time. It is because the weather can be quite bad sometimes. Have no worries. The instructor will be your wonderful guide. He may help you with everything.

Exploring Krakatau Sailing Club
Once you join the club, you may receive a schedule of the event. Not to mention it includes several days of adventure. First, you may depart from Marina Carita. It takes in the morning and the destination is Krakatau. The trip takes about 5 hours as you need to sail pass through Sunda Strait. Along the way, you may see several dolphins and other creatures. When it comes to the foods, you get the lunch on board. What about the activities? Participants can enjoy numerous activities such as snorkeling and swimming. At night, you join a BBQ party.

In the next day, there is another sail after breakfast. This time, your destination is Peucang Island. The best feature in this trip is trekking. You may explore the tropical forest on the island with other members. At night, you can eat the dinner on board. In the third day, you may have the next sailing adventure. It may take about 6 hours. The prime feature in such session is animal sightseeing. The dinner is optional, but you should take it.

In the fourth day, you and the other members of the sailing club will explore the Cigeunter River. This time, you use a canoe to explore the river. The thing is you may encounter several creepy animals. Make sure not to disturb them. Once you have explored the river, you are allowed to return to your boat and enjoy the lunch. The last thing to do is to get back to Carita. It takes another 5 hours. This whole sailing adventure is suitable for everyone regardless of the experience. Thus, you should try it someday.

Nearby Attractions

  • Anyer Beach
  • Curug Betung

How to Get There
If you want to join the club, you must head to Banten Province. It takes 3 hours from Jakarta and the distance is 135 km. The next prime destination is Anyer District. You only need to find Krakatau Sailing Club. The base camp is actually in Marina Krakatau Steel.

Where to Stay

  • Sanghyang Indah Spa Resort
  • Mabruk Anyer Hotel
  • Banten Beach Resort

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