Cigaru Lake in Cisoka District, Tangerang, Banten Province

For those who are visiting Banten Province, there is a recommended vacation destination called Cigaru Lake. It is situated in Cisoka District. To be exact, it lies in Raksa Street 3. The lake belongs to Tangerang Regency, actually. The thing is it is not an actual or natural lake. It was formed due to the trace of sand mining. Today, it becomes a new tourist spot in Banten. The color of the water is stunning and the atmosphere is uplifting. Some tourists come there for selfies, too. 

The Nuance
Tangerang Regency should be proud of Cigaru Lake. The water has the prime color of green. The thing is it can alter simultaneously. Due to this reason, it becomes the main lure of this location. There is an important precaution. You are not allowed to swim in it! Visitors can only walk around near to the lake and take some pictures. When it comes to the land, it is sandy. The color is white. However, the landscape is hard. Thus, make sure to wear proper footwear.

Exploring Cigaru Lake
The local name is Blue Cigaru Lake. However, the water color is actually green. It only appears blue in some occasions. In fact, it also turns into other colors like yellowish and clear. In the past, Cigaru Lake was abandoned. So, what made it popular? Since 2015, the water has turned blue! It looks quite stunning and any people come to this location over time. Both locals and outsiders are attracted in visiting the lake these days. Thus, you should never miss this chance too.

The popularity increases due to the word of mouth. Many tourists come to this location for photography and even selfies. With an increase in numbers, the local government included it in the list of the best vacation spots in Tangerang Regency. Due to this reason, you may find lots of visitors on the weekends and holidays. They have different purposes in visiting the lake. Most of the visitors are teenagers. They come for selfies and photography. Sometimes, tourists carry a canvas and draw nearby scenery.

Apart from photography and walking around Cigaru Lake, tourists are possible to explore it using a traditional boat. The locals offer such service to visitors. The thing is they aren’t always in the location. That means you must come at the right time! Make sure those people are around, so you can get into the boat. If not, you can simply enjoy a serene nuance near to the lake. Overall, this is a beautiful and worthy spot for either holiday or an adventure.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Jakarta and Tangerang are not quite far. Thus, you can reach Cigaru Lake easily. The trip takes approximately 1-2 hours. After all, you need to spend about 61 km. A rented or private car is the best choice and you should take mainly Pantura Street. Once you reach Tangerang, it is time to head to Cisoka District. The location is in Raksa Street. Have no worries. It is easy to spot.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
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