Visiting Kenekes Village in Rangkas Bitung Regency, Banten

Indonesia is a rich nation and it is the home of tons of culture. In Banten Province, there is Baduy Village. It is situated in Rangkas Bitung Regency and it offers numerous cultural attractions. For example, there is Kenekes Village. It has become one of the best attractions in Baduy Village. Today, tourists come to such settlement to enjoy the performance directly. The thing is you can find many types of cultural attractions in Baduy Village. Mostly, tourists want to observe how the locals perform their activities every day.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the village is quite traditional. All the people don’t like vehicles. No wonder, you may see them walking all the time. The village features a wild nature. It seems there are no facilities nearby. It is because the villagers are against any modern influences. Somehow, tourists considered it unique and interesting. Kenekes has attracted many visitors recently. Even though it takes a little bit effort to reach the location, it is worth a visit. Your time and effort won’t go to waste.

Exploring Kenekes Village
A trip to Kenekes is definitely challenging. Most of the tourists would take advantage of a tour guide. This person is able to give an efficient direction to reach the village. As long as you have the money, you can get such kind of service. Once you reach the location, make sure to show respect to the villagers. They don’t use any vehicles and smartphones. If it is possible, you need should avoid using those things as well. With this thing in mind, you are able to get along well with the locals.

As mentioned before, there are no facilities in Kenekes Village. Here is the tip. You need to carry some foods and bottled water. If you are lucky, the villagers may ask you to join their feast. This requires a good communication skill, though. For a flawless communication, you should hire a tour guide. He or she may help you to talk to villagers well. That means you have a better chance to get invited to dinner or any types of foods.

What about the accommodation? Well, the villages don’t feature any hotels. What you can get is the formation of traditional houses. Once again, you are lucky if the locals invite you to stay in their home. One thing, there are not many facilities. It is because you are going to live like them. Here is the fact. People of Baduy Dalam are intolerant to technology. In this case, you should not show any types of gadgets in front of them. If you are looking for more tolerant community, you need to reach Baduy Luar People instead.

Nearby Attractions

  • Banten Girang
  • Batu Kuwung
  • Karang Mountain

How to Get There
It doesn’t matter where you live as you can reach Kenekes Village without hassles. The trip from Jakarta takes 2 hours and the distance is 98 km. If you want a faster trip, it is better to ride a private car. In this case, Pantura Street becomes your primary way to reach your destination.

Where to Stay

  • Cottage Baduy
  • Sofyan Inn
  • Puri Kayana Hotel

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