Cibedug Site as a Historical Tourist Destination in Citorek Village, Banten

Travelers have a different preference when it comes to a vacation. Some of them are into historical tourism. That means they are visiting several sites, which have a valuable history. For instance, there is Cibedug Site in Citorek Village, Banten. It belongs to Bayah District, actually. What is it? It is a location to witness the reminiscences of the megalithic era. You can reach it easily from Citorek Village. It takes 2-3 hours of walking from such settlement. Thus, it becomes an opportunity for trekking.

The Nuance
When it comes to the nuance, the site is definitely stunning. The site features a landscape with the shape of a pyramid. Also, many trees grow well surrounding this area. These features create a shady and comfortable atmosphere for visitors. The size is about 2 ha and there are 3 different yards located in this location. Not to mention you may find several megalithic monuments inherited from the past. These are located on many Andesite stones. Overall, the site represents an old age. It gives you a thrilling feeling when exploring the location.

Exploring Cibedug Site
There is the main path to reach Cibedug Site and it is located in the western area. In order to enter the site, you must climb about 33 stairs. You may also encounter a big menhir near to this entry point. In fact, it is the biggest one and the height is about 235 cm. It has the diameter of 336 cm. What’s next? The site features 9 levels, so you can explore them one at a time. Perhaps you may compare it to that of Gunung Padang. However, Cibedug Site is considered older than others.

Most of the visitors come to Cibedug Site to take several pictures. They are astonished by the menhir and other reminiscences scattered in that area. Other tourists also come to the location to perform a prayer. They believe the site has a magical aura. No wonder, many people are looking for blessings there. The legend has it. Many kingdoms had used the site for several events. You can learn this urban story from the locals, actually. They may tell you well about it. As an alternative, you can hire a tour guide. He becomes your source of information when exploring the site.

In terms of appearance, it is likely Cibedug Site is not officially managed. That means you won’t find many facilities there. Not to mention the location is a little bit difficult to reach. Travelers need to spend a few hours of walking in order to reach the site. If you come with a vehicle, you should park it in Citorek Village. Your next journey will be spent walking. Since it is a tiring trip, make sure to carry bottled water!

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How to Get There
From Jakarta, you must head to Bayah District. It takes about 5 hours and the distance is 176 km. The best route is Jagorawi Freeway. Next, you can use Nasional III Street and head to Citorek Village. From there, follow the direction and walk to Cibedug Site.

Where to Stay

  • Pesona Ayu Resor
  • Sawarna Hotel
  • Sawarna Villa

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