Dano Swamp in Luwuk Village, Serang Regency

A beautiful vacation should involve a unique tourist spot. In Banten Province, you have Dano Swamp. It is a recommended place to explore. What is it exactly? It is a swamp looking like a lake! People come to the location to ride a boat and explore the swamp. Somehow, it becomes unique vacation nature tourism. The thing is not many people know it. To be exact, the swamp is situated in Luwuk Village. It belongs to Gunung Sari District. Despite unpopular, it has been recognized by the locals. Today, people from Jakarta and nearby cities also start visiting the lake.

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, it is similar to a lake. That means there are a watery body and numerous water plants. Some parts of the swamp are covered by grasses. In some occasions, there are several traditional boats and local people. They look for woods and other valuables in that location. If you are lucky, you can ride on their boat and explore the swamp. The thing is you need to wear proper clothes. Some mosquitos and insects can be real burdens, especially during summer.

Exploring Dano Swamp
The first thing to do in Dano Swamp is to learn the history. In the past, that location was an inactive volcano crater. As the time goes by, it became a lake. It turned into a swamp recently. That means it is a swamp over a lake. This uniqueness is definitely attractive. When it comes to the size, it is about 2,500 ha. The nuance is soothing, as well. Many green trees and numerous animals become extras in such location.

If you love birds, you can find many species of them. In fact, it reaches more than 200 species of birds living in this swamp. Some reptiles also live there, so you may expect alligators too. The beauty of the swamp is outstanding. Make sure not to miss the afternoon. At that time, the sun may set beautifully. Not to mention there is thick fog, there. The shape and size are similar to cotton. These indeed create a flawless beauty of nature.

Once you have explored the swamp, you can take your time for resting. Near to Dano Swamp, there are several chairs or benches. That means tourists are allowed to sit and relax there. If you carry snacks and drinks, you can enjoy them while watching the unspoiled beauty of Dano. The wind is chilling, too. Today, visitors come from either Banten or Jakarta. In fact, the visitors also come from other cities.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
So, are you visiting the lake? It is better to prepare everything. For example, you need to find the fastest route to reach the location. From Jakarta, you can simply follow Pantura Street. It is through Tangerang – Merak Freeway. The trip takes about 2-3 hours. It depends on your vehicle! When it comes to the distance, it is about 60 km. For many, it is not a long trip. Still, you need to be prepared well.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel

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