The Ruins of Kaibon Palace in Kasemen District, Banten

If you love historical places, there is an interesting tourist spot called Kaibon Palace. It is located in Kroya Village, Banten Province. It belongs to Kasemen District, actually. To be exact, it is not a palace per se. Instead, it is the ruins of Kaibon Palace. Most visitors come to the location for sightseeing and learning some history. No wonder, it was the part of Banten Lama Kingdom. Today, it becomes a good location for learning culture and history. Here is the fact. Kaibon Palace has been there since 1815. It was the home of Aisyah Queen.

The Nuance
Once you reach the location, you can see some majestic ruins. These were built beautifully and traditionally. Some parts of the structure are still in a good condition. That means the rest of them have been destroyed by age. In front of the structure, there are 5 different gates or doors. The number 5 represents the Shalah times in Islam. The gate is noticeable and it has the height about 2 meters. The most famous part of the structure is the Queen’s Room. Asiyah was Maulana Muhammad Shaifuddin’s mother. Who is Shaifuddin? He was the sultan of Banten Lama Kingdom!

Exploring Kaibon Palace
The ruins emit an old and sacred nuance. No wonder, it was built in 1815. Even though it isn’t as oldest as Surosowan Palace, it is quite valuable. The name came from “keibuan”. It means “a love of a mother”. As mentioned before, the palace was meant for the mother of Banten Lama King. Asiyah was quite lovely and friendly. Her charms were reflected well in the palace. Thus, tourists are able to explore the ruins comfortably. The big gates of this palace radiate a mysterious aura, too. No wonder, some people get thrilled when walking around this location.

In order to get rich information regarding the palace, you should hire a tour guide. He or she may explain the story behind the palace thoroughly. As the result, both tourists and historians can get flawless information from such service. Apart from the story, the palace becomes the home of worthy objects. In some way, it is a perfect location for photography. Thus, you should never forget to carry your camera. Even the gates become a wonderful background for your pictures.

Near to the palace, you can find a giant tree. Usually, it becomes a favorite playground for kids. Also, you can sit and relax under it. In some way, the shady nuance and comfortable atmosphere give you a peaceful feeling. Also, there is a small river flowing near to this tree. Unfortunately, the water isn’t quite clear.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
If you are visiting Kaibon Palace, you must head to Kasemen District. From Jakarta, the trip costs about 2 hours. It is because the distance is roughly 93 km. In order to reach the location faster, you should take Pantura Street. It is the fastest route to Banten, after all. Your next destination is in Kroya Village. From here, you can directly head to the ruins.

Where to Stay

  • Mitrasono Hotel
  • Grand Mangku Utara Hotel

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