Surosowan Palace - Fortress

Surosowan Palace was built during the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1525-1552). Most of buildings were totally damaged during an attack lead by the Dutch Governor General Daendels in 1808. To the south of the square lay the impressive Surosowan Palace, designed by a Dutchman and later razed by his countrymen. The Surosuwan Palace was pulled down by blasted attack of Daendels because Sultan Syaifudin refused strongly of Daendels' order of Grootepostweg project that begun from Anyer to Panarukan and order to develop new port in Lada Bay. Even, Sultan flapped Du Puy off, a vice officer of Daendels, and sent his head to Daendels. Daendels was getting up set, and then he demolished the Surosuwan and Kaibon Palace. Now becomes ruins, leave the red bricks and several sites. Like water castle, the alleys and the moats.

Once upon a time the Palace covered an area of some 30,000 square meters with 2 meters high walls 5 meters thick and while the perimeter walls are still relatively intact inside looks like some cowboy builders have just tipped their bricks haphazardly round the site. Ground works are visible and a keen eye could probably make an educated guest mate as to how the Palace looked in it's former glory. The main entrance would have been on the northern side and in the European style there was a bastion on each corner protecting the flanks. Moats once encircled the whole but today just 2 remain, the southern one especially being a turgid, stagnant pond almost, creamy in color and foul in stench. Constructed in the mid 16th Century.

In front of the palace, there is a museum that houses artifacts discovered during the excavation at the palace. Museum closed on Mondays. The cannon Ki Amuk was located at Karangantu but is now installed in front of the Surosowan Museum. On the cannon Islamic inscriptions can be found, and around the muzzle, a sun is drawn, which reminds of the pre-Islamic kingdom of Majapahit. An old legend tells that one who is able to put his arms around the cannon will see all his wishes come true.

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