Kanteh Waterfall in Cilograng District, Banten Province

Holidays are great times for travelers. In this case, Banten Province should be a wonderful destination for everyone. It features many types of nature tourist spots and one of them is Kanteh Waterfall. The location is in Cikatomas Village and it belongs to Cilograng District. The local name is Curug Kenteh. It is both beautiful and relaxing. Most of the visitors spend good times in Kanteh to relax and enjoy the serene nature. Some of them also take advantage of the waterfall to play water. It is also suitable for a family vacation, actually.

The Nuance
Even though the water isn’t quite clear, it is fresh. The splash of the water looks beautiful, as well. There are 3 ponds in each of the levels of the falls. In terms of height, Kanteh Waterfall is about 80 meters. It is situated between two cliffs, with the height of 100 meters. These features make a perfect nuance. No wonder, it helps tourists to relax and eradicate stresses at once. Not to mention the temperature is quite nice. The best time to visit the waterfall is in the morning, actually.

Exploring Kanteh Waterfall
Apart from its beauty, Kanteh Waterfall holds an interesting history. In the past, there was a rich settlement. An old man lived in such village and the people respected him much. It was because of his sacred spirit and magical power. The locals often asked for the help of this man for abundant sources of corps. With his help, the villagers lived in a prosperous way. Also, this old man recommended the villagers to build irrigation. In some way, Kanteh Waterfall was part of such story.

So, what can people do in Kanteh Waterfall? Most of the time, they come to play in the water. As mentioned before, there are three ponds available. Each of them offers distinct attractions. Also, they come in a different depth. It is true the water is safe for swimming. Still, you need to be careful in playing in the ponds. Also, it can be dangerous for kids without supervision. If you come with children, make sure to accompany them in the water. This helps you to prevent accidents.

Another fun activity in Kanteh Waterfall is photography. It is also merrier if you come with your friends or families. That means you can take pictures together in front of the waterfall. Not to mention there are many interesting objects near to the falls. These include bushes, sparkling water, and stones. Another best feature is the atmosphere. In the morning, the nuance is quite chilling. It may give you a refreshing feeling, as well.

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How to Get There
It takes much time to reach Curug Kenteh, especially for those who come from Jakarta. The distance is 166 km and it takes about 4-5 hours. However, it is a worthy trip. Once you reach Cihideung Village, you need to walk for 40 minutes to reach the location. That means the trip features a little bit trekking, as well. This tiring activity is rewarding, though.

Where to Stay

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