Cisolong Hot Spring in Sukamanah Village, Banten Province

There are many things to do during holidays. For example, you can enjoy a family vacation in Cisolong Hot Spring. It is part of Banten’s tourist attractions, actually. The location is in Sukamanah Village, Pandeglang Regency. As the name implies, it is a natural tourist spot to enjoy the comfortable and warm water. You can either relax or play in the water. Where does the water come from, exactly? It is from Karang Mountain! This location is crowded, especially during weekends. It is because many local families come there with their kids.

The Nuance
The size of the pond is moderate. At least, it can accommodate lots of people. The water is definitely warm and clean. The pond is surrounded by several tents, so you can use them for relaxing and avoid the heat of the sun. In the back, you may find shady trees. They create a comfortable ambiance in the location, after all. Also, you can see small buildings. They are bathrooms, canteens, and the keeper’s place. If you come in the working days, the nuance is quite calm and peaceful. It is because there are not many visitors nearby.

Exploring Cisolong Hot Spring
A vacation in Cisolong Hot Spring has become a new hit recently. It is because of the water! The guests are looking for both fun and relaxation there. Some of them believe the water can relieve their stresses and cure several diseases. Today, the hot spring becomes a natural therapy center for both locals and outsiders. The most crowded time is in the afternoon. Despite this fact, the hot spring opens around the clock. That means you can even visit it at night.

According to the locals, the hot spring is popular among the elderly. Those people want to relieve their health issues such as bone diseases, skin problems, etc. Do you believe in such natural remedy? Apart from that, the hot spring is also popular among families. They often come to the location with kids. The warm water is suitable for everyone, after all. Even kids would enjoy it. On top of that, the pond isn’t quite deep.

Overall, Cisolong Hot Spring is a recommended vacation spot for everyone. If you are visiting Banten Province, you should stop by in Sukamanah Village. It is an ideal place to spend a comfortable and unforgettable family vacation. The size of the pond is fine, so it can accommodate many people. The thing is you need to come at the right time. Otherwise, the hot spring is crowded. The most recommended time to visit is either in the morning or at night. It is because visitors usually come to this hot spring in the afternoon.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pandeglang Square
  • Curug Putri
  • Karang Mountain
  • Talanca Beach

How to Get There
The best route to reach Pandeglang Regency is Pantura Street. From Jakarta, the trip takes approximately 2-3 hours and the distance is 112 km. Once you reach Pandeglang, you can directly head to Sukamanah Village. From there, you can ask for direction to reach Cisolong Hot Spring.

Where to Stay

  • Pandeglang Raya Hotel
  • Paranti Hotel
  • Riz Hotel

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