Pulo Manuk Beach in Lebak Regency, Banten

Travelers often look for new vacation destinations as they are craving for new adventures. In Lebak Regency, there is a recommended tourist spot called Pulo Manuk Beach. To be exact, the location is in Sawarna Village, Bayah District. The name derived from the Sunda Language. The meaning is the island of birds. Pulo means “island” and Manuk means “bird”. As the name implies, you may find many types of birds living near to the beach. They come to this area either to eat or rest.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, the beach offers an average charm. That means it doesn’t have special features. As mentioned earlier, the best feature in the island is the bird. Apart from such creature, you can also find other animals such as wild monkeys. They often come to the beach to reach visitors. The thing is they are considered a naughty creature. The sea water has moderate waves, so it is possible to swim in it. The nuance is calm and serene. That means you can simply relax and watch the sea scenery in a comfortable manner.

Exploring Pulo Manuk Beach
Apart from the birds, Pulo Manuk Beach is also famous for its white sand. It features a clean appearance and soft texture. Everyone can play around on it without hassles. If you like sunbathing, you can also do it there. What about the entry fee, though? It is true you need to pay the ticket. However, it doesn’t cost much. The management uses the money to retain and improve the quality of the beach, after all. This way, tourists are able to enjoy a vacation in a more comfortable manner.

In terms of beauty, Pulo Manuk Beach is considered exotic. It doesn’t have special features, though. Some tourists also come to the beach to learn a history behind it. According to the story, this location was part of WWII. Japanese came there and apply Romusha to the locals. Many people died due to such program. Many of them were buried in Pulo Manuk. Due to this reason, the beach also emits a thrilling nuance. Still, it doesn’t reduce its attractiveness.

In a nutshell, everyone is able to enjoy good times in Pulo Manuk Beach. The beach has become an interesting vacation destination over time. Even backpackers are able to explore the beach without hassles. There are many hotels located near to the beach, especially in Bayah District. You can even find villas and homestays. Each of them features different prices and amenities, so you are allowed to compare and review them first prior to renting a room.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Lalay Cave

How to Get There
The beach is located in Bayah District. For those who come from Jakarta, you need to spend about 5-6 hours. The best route to reach the location is through Jagorawi Freeway. The distance is about 182 km, so it is going to be a long trip. Due to this reason, you should have prepared everything. These include snacks, money, drinks, clothes, etc.

Where to Stay

  • Sawarna Hotel
  • Sawarna Villa

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