Joining a Fun Sports Activity in Krakatau Bike Park, Cilegon, Banten

Mountain biking is a fun sports activity. For those who live in Banten Province, Krakatau Bike Park is indeed familiar. As the name suggests, it is a place for biking. To be exact, the location is in Purwakarta District. From there, you should head to Kotabumi. Mountain biking is a new hit these days. That means you are going to conquer the downhill landscape. Somehow, it is similar to skiing. It elevates your adrenaline and gives thrilling sensation. In some occasions, there is an event in this bike park. The participants come from numerous regions, as well.

The Nuance
Krakatau Bike Park features a natural route for biking. That means you may encounter numerous plants and trees. The landscape is quite challenging yet fun. You won’t find any big stones in this area. That means the route is considered safe either for beginners or professionals. For the best experience, you need to come during an event. This way, you are able to compete against other bikers. The thing is you need to carry and prepare the equipment beforehand. These include a mountain bike, a helmet, and other safety gears.

Exploring Krakatau Bike Park
The local often conducts a mountain bike competition. It is because they want to find new talented bikers. Not to mention it helps promote the popularity of Cilegon City. Hopefully, more tourists come to Krakatau Bike Park and other tourist spots in Cilegon, Banten. The participants come from other regions. In fact, some of them come from other provinces and islands. Everyone can join it regardless of the ages. Even your kids can participate in such event. It doesn’t have to be a tight competition. For many, it becomes a fun activity.

In a casual time, Krakatau Bike Park becomes a vacation destination for tourists. That means there is no competition at all. You can simply explore the mountain bike route freely with your families. For many, it is considered more comfortable. It also becomes an opportunity to teach your kids how to ride a mountain bike. With proper safety gears and a good bike, this activity can be quite comfortable. It is a unique way to spend a holiday in Banten Province. Thus, you must include it in your tour activity.

Mountain biking gives many benefits to everyone. For instance, it helps you decrease stresses. The power of nature and a good landscape may alter your mood. That means you can improve your health by performing such activity. Somehow, it helps you reduce blood pressure. Don’t you believe it? Apart from that, a mountain biking gives you healthier heart and joints. It is a recommended activity for everyone. In this case, Krakatau Bike Park may accommodate any bikers!

Nearby Attractions

  • Padang Golf Krakatau
  • KCC
  • Krakatau Junction

How to Get There
The first thing to do is to visit Banten Province. From Jakarta, the trip takes 2-3 hours and the distance is 109 km. You can use Pantura Street for a faster trip. Next, it is time to reach Purwakarta District and head to Kotabumi.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • The Royale Krakatau Hotel
  • Cilegon City Hotel

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