Avalokitesvara Temple in Kasemen District, Banten Province

Each tourist spot offers distinct beauty and value. That is for sure. What about Banten Province? What tourist spots are available there? One of them is Avalokitesvara (Tri Darma) Temple. It is located in Serang Raya Street, Kasemen District. Also, it belongs to Serang Regency. That means you need to reach Banten Lama first. The temple is situated near to other famous tourist attractions, as well. Today, the temple becomes a unique tourist lure in Banten. In fact, some visitors come from different provinces.

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Avalokitesvara Temple has a distinct design. The exterior part of the structure features many symmetrical ornaments. These include dragon statues and lampions. The prime color of the structure is red. Some parts of it are orange, actually. When it comes to the yard, you can find unique tile design. Inside, there are different types of ornaments as well. These include statues, incenses, etc. These whole features are quite stunning. Overall, the temple may never fail to amuse the guests.

Exploring Avalokitesvara Temple
According to the locals, Avalokitesvara Temple has been there since the 16th Century. It is said the temple has a relation to the influence of Sunan Gunung Jati (Syarif Hidayatullah). This man had a wife, who was related to Chinese Emperor. The name is Ong Tien. With a high tolerance in religion, Syarif built the temple as a symbol of respect to his wife’s belief. At the first time, the structure was built in Dermayon Village. It was in 1542. However, it was removed to the current location in 1774.

However, there is another version related to the history of Avalokitesvara Temple. Some people say it was built in 1652. It was during the glory days of Banten Kingdom. That means the temple was built in the reign of Ageng Tirtayasa Sultanate. Regardless of the difference of the history, tourists keep coming to the temple. It is because they want to witness the beauty and aura of the temple directly. Thanks to different types of ornaments and features of the temple.

In the top of Avalokitesvara Temple, you may see twin dragons. They show a pose, which is chasing the sun. Here is a unique thing about the temple. People use the temple to give a prayer. The thing is they come from different religions, which are Buddhism, Taoism, and Kong Hu Cu. That means the temple serves different religions at once. Regardless of your religion and background, you are allowed to visit the temple. That means tourists can freely entering the temple. As long as you don’t cause havoc, you are good to go.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kaibon Palace
  • Banten Grand Mosque
  • Wulandira Park
  • Ki Amuk Cannon

How to Get There
So, how can you reach the temple? Your primary destination is definitely Kasemen District. It takes about 2 hours from Jakarta. The distance is actually 89 km. First, use Pantura Street and head to Tangerang – Merak Freeway. This may lead to Kasemen. Once you reach your first checkpoint, you should continue your trip to the temple. The location is in Serang Raya Street.

Where to Stay

  • Taman Sari Hotel
  • Flamengo Hotel
  • Surya Hotel

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