Wonogoro Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

These days, Malang City is known as the region of thousand beaches. It is because tourists can find tons of beautiful beaches in the south part of the region. Here is an example, the name is Wonogoro Beach and it is located in Gedangan Sub-District. To be exact, as the name suggests, it resides in Wonogoro Village. This unspoiled beach is also located in the same area with the famous Taman Ayu and Ngantep Beach. That means tourists are able to explore those beautiful vacation sports easily during the visit.

The Nuance
Like other beaches in the south part of Malang City, Wonogoro Beach has big waves. It is because this serene beach connects to the Indian Ocean directly. Due to this fact, visitors should avoid getting the water at all cost. That means swimming is not recommended there. As for the shoreline, it has the length of approximately 1 km and the mixture color of white and light brown. Here is the unique thing. Tourists can find an iron sand mining company located near to the beach. Also, some small local food stands are available, so tourists can buy some foods and drinks during the visit.

Exploring Wonogoro Beach
The big waves in Wonogoro Beach become an interesting allure for tourists. It is because visitors can take photos of those waves while enjoying the sea scenery by the shoreline. However, the sea is not suitable for swimming or doing other types of water sports. It is better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Aside from photography, tourists can also enjoy relaxation as long as they come at the right time. In order to avoid the heat of the sun, it is recommended to come either in the morning or afternoon. Have no worries. Many good spots are available for relaxation. It is because the beach is located between two small hills with many trees on it. Thus, the ambiance becomes quite soothing.

The next thing that makes Wonogoro Beach popular is the presence of exotic sandy shoreline where tourists can enjoy beach walking and beach sports. The sand even looks prettier at noon due to the sunlight that reflects on it. During beach walking, it is recommended to reach the formation of coral reefs on both sides of the shoreline. Tourists can even take photos in front of those stunning objects!

In the east part of the beach, tourists may find a small river too. This spot is perfect for fishing, actually. The most common fish that they can catch is called Ikan Loh. The fact is everyone is allowed to bring home any fishes that they catch on the site! Moreover, fishing can be done freely as long as tourists have prepared the equipment beforehand.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Malang City, a trip to Wonogoro Beach may spend about 1 hour and 52 minutes. The distance between them is 56 km, after all. What tourists need to do is to get to Gedangan Sub-District and head to Wonogoro Beach afterward. Here is the tip. They need to take Kolonel Sugiono Street for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Wibisiono Hotel
  • Dhilpratis Inn

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