Ngandol Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Located in the same area with Ngudel and Kuncaran Beach, Ngandol doesn’t feel inferior at all. It is because the beach shares a similar beauty and nuance to those neighboring beaches. The exact location is in Sindurejo Village and it belongs to Gedangan Sub-District. The thing is the number of visitors is low, so tourists should not expect a merry atmosphere there. Instead, visitors can take advantage of the serenity for relaxation and eradicate stresses. Plus, they can explore Sindurejo Village either before or after visiting the beach later. It is because the location is not far from the shoreline.

The Nuance
The first impressive feature in Ngandol Beach is the white sandy shoreline that comes with a soft texture. If tourists come at noon, in fact, the shoreline looks sparkling due to the ray of the sun. Have no worries. The beach features several trees that provide a comfy spot for relaxation. It is a little bit disappointing that visitors are not allowed to swim in the sea as the waves are too big and dangerous for swimming. As an alternative, the beach offers the best sunset in the afternoon. Even local birds are often seen on the site.

Exploring Ngandol Beach
The panorama in Ngandol Beach always looks impressive. This explains why most visitors would enjoy sightseeing and photography once they arrive at the site. They usually do these while beach walking, actually. It is because the shoreline comes with a soft-texture, so it would feel nice on feet. If the sea scenery is not enough for them, they can also see small hills on the horizon. Well, with all these panoramas, the beach is indeed suitable as a pre-wedding photo venue! Don’t you agree?

The long and vast shoreline makes it perfect as a camping ground, too. The good news is visitors are allowed to build the tent freely after finding the best spot. Even though it costs nothing, they must get permission from the keepers first. Later, in the morning, a warm soothing sunrise may welcome them! The sun even looks more beautiful as it rises from the back of the hills! Knowing the fact, everyone should not miss the chance to take photos of it! Thus, carrying a camera is indeed recommended.

What is more? Ngandol Beach’s unspoiled nature is suitable for relaxation. That means tourists would mix in with nature and eradicate any troubles or stresses almost in an instant. If they decide to come with friends or families, they must find the best spot to roll out a mat and enjoy eating together during a good weather. One thing, littering is highly prohibited!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Malang City, a trip to Ngandol Beach may take about 1 hour and 56 minutes. It is because the distance is 57.4 km. Tourists’ first destination is Gedangan Sub-District. Next, they can simply head to Sindurejo Village where the beach is located. For the information, the trip becomes faster if they take Kolonel Sugiono Street and use the best transportation service.

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