Kajaran Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Gedangan Sub-District in Malang City has several interesting vacation spots for tourists to explore, especially beaches. For example, there is Kajaran Beach in Gajahrejo Village. For the information, the beach resides behind a village and local farms. This explains why visitors can see both stunning sea scenery and soothing farms on the site. The entrance is located on a bordering beach in its east part, which is Parang Dowo. The fact is Kajaran has another neighboring beach called Telok. That means tourists can explore those three beaches in the same day without spending too much time!

The Nuance
The nuance in Kajaran Beach is considered peaceful due to the low number of visitors. Another reason is that the location is secluded, so tourists need to put some efforts in order to get there. What about the shoreline? Well, it has a soft texture and exotic light brown sand. The next noticeable feature is definitely the small waves! How come? Even though the beach belongs to the Indian Ocean (which is known for the big waves), the unique landscape of it prevents big waves from coming near to the shoreline. The beach has the shape of a cape, after all. Thus, swimming is considered safe as long as tourists don’t get too far to the midst of the sea.

Exploring Kajaran Beach
For the information, Kajaran Beach is considered shadier than neighboring beaches in the east. No wonder, the site is suitable to spend a family recreation and relaxation. Aside from such comfy nuance, the beach also offers a peaceful atmosphere due to the low number of visitors! The only disappointing thing is that the beach doesn’t have any facilities like toilets and food vendors. Due to the reason, it is recommended to carry some snacks and drinks.

Even though Kajaran Beach doesn’t have any inns or hotels too, it offers a nice spot where tourists can spend camping comfortably. Tourists only need to carry a tent and other equipment in order to enjoy the activity. Plus, it is recommended to light a bonfire at night due to the absence of any lighting and electricity there. Thanks to the secluded location. Camping would feel so peaceful and soothing!

Kajaran Beach has a shoreline with a shape of a cape. No wonder, the waves are not quite big and it is suitable for swimming. Despite the fact, everyone should not be careless when swimming due to the unpredictable current. Instead of getting in the water, tourists should spend a good time on the white sandy shoreline! These include beach walking, sunbathing, and exploration.

Nearby Attractions

  • Telok Beach
  • Lepek Beach
  • Parang Dowo Beach

How to Get There
It may take around 1 hour and 59 minutes to get to Kajaran Beach if tourists come from Malang City. After all, the distance is 69.7 km. Have no worries. The trip can be faster if tourists choose the right route and transportation service. In this case, they must take only Mayjen Sungkono Street and head to Gajahrejo Village right away.

Where to Stay

  • Boncel Homestay

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