Bajul Mati Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

It is safe to say that Malang is the region of thousands of beaches. It is because tourists can find tons of beautiful beaches in the south part of the region, including the one called Bajul Mati Beach. It is located in Wonogoro Village and belongs to Gedangan Sub-District. Due to the beauty and uniqueness, many people call it the little Raja Ampat! Also, it reminds tourists to those beaches of Gunungkidul of Yogyakarta Special Region. As for tourist activities, people usually visit it to enjoy sightseeing and beach walking. Still, some people also come to Bajul Mati Beach in order to learn the local legend related to the beach itself.

The Nuance
Once arriving at Bajul Mati Beach, tourists may see the clean environment and pristine environment right away. It is because the beach doesn’t have any trash! The shoreline has both white brownish color, and it comes with a soft texture as well. In the back, several coconut trees and lush plants grow beautifully! On the horizon, some small islands look majestic for sure. Not to mention several coral reefs and limestone hills reside there! What about the sea? Well, the waves are considered moderate. That means swimming is possible, as long as tourists do it in a careful manner. Here is another fact. The beach comes with several facilities including toilets, parking area, and gazebos!

Exploring Bajul Mati Beach
Even though Bajul Mati Beach doesn’t feature inns or hotels, tourists won’t regret visiting it. It is because visitors are allowed to build a tent and enjoy camping there. In the afternoon, they can start choosing the spot and installing the tent (of course after getting the consent of the locals). Later, at night, they can lit a bone fire and spend the evening by the shore. Eating foods and singing together on the beach would be a memorable experience, no?

Aside from camping, Bajul Mati Beach also offers an interesting history for tourists to learn during the visit. In terms of name, “Bajul” means a crocodile while “Mati” means dead. It is said there was a dead giant crocodile found in an estuary located near to the beach. No wonder, the locals gave the name to the beach based on it. Another story says that the locals gave the named based on the presence of a giant coral reef, having the shape of a giant crocodile.

After hearing those stories from villagers or a local guide, tourists should head to the most favorite spot (which is a nearby estuary). At that location, they can enjoy swimming and play water to their heart’s content. Even kids can enjoy it, too.

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How to Get There
From Malang City, a trip to Bajul Mati Beach takes approximately 1 hour and 51 minutes. It is because the distance is 60.8 km. The first destination is Gedangan Sub-District. Next, tourists must reach Wonogoro Village afterward where the beach resides. Here is the tip. The whole trip becomes faster if tourists take Mayjen Sungkono Street.

Where to Stay

  • Wibisiono Hotel
  • Dhilpratis Inn

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