Sendiki Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Well, tourists have an unlimited choice if they want to explore beautiful beaches in Malang City. For example, they can visit a stunning beach called Sendiki. The location is in Sumbermanjing Sub-District, actually. To be exact, the beach resides in Tambakrejo Village. Here is the fact. The beach is located quite near to Tamban Beach (which is only 2 km apart). No wonder, tourists can explore both of the beaches at once during the visit. Even though the popularity is inferior to Balekambang and Goa Cina Beach, this one indeed has a similar beauty and exotic panoramas to them. Not to mention the air and nuance are suitable for relaxation!

The Nuance
Once arriving at Sendiki Beach, tourists may see the vast and stunning white sandy shoreline. The texture is quite soft, so it is suitable for beach walking and sunbathing! The pristine and clean environment even makes it more comfortable to enjoy a family recreation. What is more? The waves are considered stable and small, so tourists can enjoy swimming comfortably. Why is that? Even though the beach connects to the Indian Ocean, the big waves don’t reach the shoreline due to the unique landscape of the beach (which is similar to a cape). Thus, those big waves turn small once they arrive at the shoreline! Another good thing is related to the facility, as tourists can find viewing posts, swings, gazebos, and tree houses on the site!

Exploring Sendiki Beach
If we talk about the panorama, Sendiki Beach won’t disappoint visitors. The soft-textured shoreline is quite clean and stunning. Plus, the sea scenery looks amazing on the horizon. This explains why most people come to the beach in order to enjoy sightseeing and photography. They also play in the sand and conduct beach sports like soccer and volley. The sand doesn’t even hurt the skin due to its soft texture. Moreover, the environment looks clean and no trash is seen in the shoreline! Thus, everyone should take care of the environment as well if they spend some time at the beach.

Aside from photography and relaxation, tourists can do other fun things in Sendiki Beach. That means they may carry a tent and install it in a particular spot on the shoreline. During a long holiday, in fact, the beach can accommodate up to 400 tents! The comfy nuance and beautiful panoramas lure lots of campers both from nearby villages and outside the regions, after all. As an alternative, tourists can stay at the available tree houses if they don’t like camping.

Another thing that tourists can do in Sendiki Beach is to learn the history. According to the locals, 4 people came to the location in order to divide the lands. One of them is called Mbah Singo Lelono and he asked about the location of his share to his brothers. The fact is his land resides exactly in Sendiki Beach. Moreover, tourists can even find Singo Lelono’s tomb in that area.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Malang City and Sendiki Beach is 69.9 km. That means tourists need to spend about 2 hours and 5 minutes to reach the location. Their prime destination is Tambakrejo Village at Sumbermanjing Sub-District where the beach is located, for sure. If they want to get there faster, they should use the best transportation service and take only Raya Argotirto Street.

Where to Stay

  • Ratu Pantai Selatan Inn
  • Sendang Biru Apartment

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