Kedung Celeng Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Featuring many beaches in its southern region, Malang City becomes a more interesting vacation spot for everyone (especially those who love nature). One of those beaches is located in Donomulyo sub-District, which is called Kedung Celeng. To be exact, it resides is Banjarejo Village and features an isolated nuance. As people may expect, the beach suits those who look for a peaceful holiday or a comfortable family recreation. In terms of name, actually, “Kedung” means a pond while “Celeng” means a boar. No detailed information is available regarding the reason why the locals gave the name, though. What tourists can be sure of is the beach is both beautiful and soothing.

The Nuance
The best word that represents Kedung Celeng Beach is serenity. The secluded location makes it silent and peaceful to spend a recreation with families indeed. Not to mention, it resides near to Pulodoro and Mbantol Beach so tourists can visit three beaches during the same day without spending too much effort. As for the facilities, the beach comes with a parking area so visitors can park their vehicle safely. The waves are slow and the shoreline has a moderate length. The best thing is none other than the underwater scenery, as the beach features many majestic corals down there. This explains why snorkeling becomes the best tourists activity in Kedung Celeng.

Exploring Kedung Celeng Beach
The first good thing that tourists can find in Kedung Celeng Beach is the vast parking area. Thus, everyone can park the vehicle comfortably even if they come during holidays or weekends. From that parking spot, they can decide to head to 4 different beaches including Kedung Celeng! While heading to the beach, for the information, they may see a lush mangrove forest with its soothing nuance. It is recommended to take some photos and drop by for a while, though.

Once arriving at Kedung Celeng Beach, tourists can start exploring the shoreline and conduct beach walking on the white soft-textured sandy landscape. The beach comes with a background of blue crystal seawater! Due to the friendly waves, in fact, tourists are allowed to enjoy swimming and snorkeling freely. What they need is only the snorkeling gear and a good spot to enjoy the water sport. Also, it is not allowed to get too far in the midst of the sea due to the unpredictable current.

In terms of water clarity, Kedung Celeng Beach is considered satisfying. No wonder, people can see fishes and corals while snorkeling easily. For those who don’t like water sports, though, they can simply enjoy fun activities on the shoreline including sunbathing and camping. However, it takes the locals’ consent if they want to build a tent and spend the night in the beach. Not to mention littering is highly prohibited.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pulodoro Beach
  • Kondang Bantol Beach
  • Weden Ombo Beach

How to Get There
For those coming from Malang City, they need to spend about 2 hours and 11 minutes to get to Kedung Celeng Beach. It is because the distance is 61.5 km. As for the best route, they must take only Supriadi Street (which is also the fastest). Once arriving at Donomulyo Sub-District, the next destination is Banjarejo Village. One thing, visitors must pay the entrance fee before entering the area.

Where to Stay

  • Jasa Yasa Hotel

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