Tanjung Sirap Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

People who live in Malang City perhaps have ever visited Sirap Island located in the south region. Before crossing the sea for reaching the island, though, everyone may find a serene beach called Tanjung Sirap. No wonder, the beach also becomes an allure for those visiting that area. To be exact, the beach is located in Sumberbening Village and belongs to Bantur Sub-District. In order to get to Tanjung Sirap Beach, however, tourists need to pass through Kondang Merak Beach which is known for its delicious seafood. Thus, it is recommended to drop by for a while and continue the trip afterward.

The Nuance
It is true tourists need to pass through Kondang Merak Beach before reaching Tanjung Sirap Beach. Still, they must pass by two other beaches which are Pasir Besi and Dali Putih Beach. From those spots, it only takes about 15 minutes by trekking. The fact is visitors need to climb a hill to get to the location. Once arriving at Tanjung Sirap, the vast sea welcomes everyone. The unique thing is that tourists won’t find any sandy shoreline. Instead, the beach comes with big coral reefs! When the waves hit them, a loud noise occurs (which indeed becomes one of the allures).

Exploring Tanjung Sirap Beach
As mentioned before, visitors won’t find a sandy shoreline in Tanjung Sirap Beach. It is because the spot is located on a cliff, so the sea is located below it. Even though tourists can’t enjoy beach walking, they can witness a more satisfying sea view though. The sea looks fierce with its big waves and the wind is quite strong up there. Aside from sightseeing, visitors are allowed to take photos freely. The reason is no keepers or guards are seen on the site. That means there won’t be any fee at all in entering the location.

It is true Tanjung Sirap Beach is known for its majestic sea scenery. However, it also has other allures including the presence of big coral reefs indented to the shore. In terms of shape, it looks similar to that of Ngliyep and Bengkung Beach. One thing that makes it different is the presence of a coral reef having the shape of a giant eagle! It looks fabulous, without a doubt! The good thing is tourists can explore the site thoroughly, as long as they wear comfy footwear. It is because the landscape is considered rough and may hurt a little if they walk on it barefoot.

What is more? As the name suggests, Tanjung Sirap Beach is located near to Sirap Beach. Even though tourists won’t be able to get to the island, they can see it directly from the beach. The size is small and it looks beautiful! Therefore, don’t forget to take photos of it as well.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Malang City, tourists may spend about 2 hours and 17 minutes in order to get to Tanjung Sirap Beach. The distance is 62 km, after all. Also, it is recommended to take Kondang Merak Street for a faster trip. After reaching Bantur Sub-District, the next destination is Sumberbening Village. Lastly, tourists only need to conduct a short trekking to get to the beach.

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