Kondang Sugu Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

When tourists spend a vacation in Malang City, they should consider heading to Bantur Sub-District where they can find exotic beaches like Kondang Sugu. The location is in Bandungrejo Village and it resides in the west of neighboring beach called Kondang Merak. It is because the locals have managed the site well, they take an entrance fee to visitors. Have no worries. This would be a worthy expense due to the amazing panorama and experience that tourists can get during the visit. For the information, the beach resides in a conservation area so it offers allures that everyone may expect!

The Nuance
It is a known fact that Kondang Sugu Beach connects directly to the Indian Ocean, so it does have big waves and strong currents. No wonder, tourists are not allowed to get in the water and swim in it. The next feature in Kondang Sugu Beach is its short shoreline. It is because two big hills surround the beach and make it look small, as compared to neighboring beaches. Also, as mentioned before, Kondang Sugu Beach is located in a conservation area. This explains why tourists may meet several wild monkeys on the way to the site.

Exploring Kondang Sugu Beach
When it comes to a vacation in Kondang Sugu Beach, tourists have a different reason for visiting the site. For instance, they can explore the shoreline and witness sea scenery or other available panoramas. The light brown landscape feels great on foot and the atmosphere is relaxing due to the warm breezy wind. If tourists come at the right time, in fact, they may enjoy the Zephyr! It feels soothing, so everyone can also get rid of stresses when spending the time on the beach.

The next thing that tourists can do is to swim in the sea. However, they must not go too far in the midst of the sea for the sake of safety. Here is the tip. Everyone should avoid swimming in the morning, as it has the biggest waves (which reach up to 2-3 meters). The good thing is Kondang Sugu has friendlier waves as compared to neighboring beaches. Thanks to the presence of two big hills that flank the shoreline. At least, these coral hills help to reduce the fierce waves from coming near to the seashore.

Kondang Sugu Beach is, somehow, suitable for those who love adventure or exploration. It is because the beach is located near to a local conservation, so tourists can visit it either before or after exploring the beach. They should carry a camera, though, as many local monkeys live in that area!

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How to Get There
A trip to Kondang Sugu Beach takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Malang City. The distance is 62.5 km, but the trip becomes faster if tourists take Mayjen Sungkono Street. Their first destination is Bantur Sub-District. Next, they can simply head to Bandungrejo Village where the beach resides. Not to mention they need to pass through a local conservation site before reaching the site.

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