Wedi Putih Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

The next recommended beach to visit in Malang City is called Wedi Putih. In terms of name, “Wedi” means sand while “Putih” means white. As tourists may expect, the beach is known for its beautiful white shoreline. That means most visitors would enjoy beach walking and playing sand during the visit. The beach is located in Balearjo or Purwodadi Village, which is part of Tirto Yodo Sub-District. During the trip to the beach, in fact, tourists may see beautiful local farms and meet friendly villagers. This is only the start, as they may find other stunning objects once they arrive at the beach.

The Nuance
Before arriving at Wedi Putih Beach, tourists may see several local clove farms where they can take selfies and some photos. After continuing the trip, they may arrive at the location within minutes after parking the vehicle at Purwodadi Village. The beach is secluded and it has exotic white sand with its soft texture. Some coral reefs reside in some parts of it, as well. Plus, several local fishermen often gather in the shore to catch fishes. The best thing is tourists can ride those boats after negotiating with the owners regarding the fee and duration.

Exploring Wedi Putih Beach
Swift waves in the sea look alluring, without a doubt. Even though tourists think it would be dangerous to swim in it, they actually can enjoy swimming with a caution. As for the tip, it is recommended to do it during the low tide. What about those who can’t swim? Well, in this case, they should consider other tourist activities which are safer including sightseeing and photography. The fact is watching waves and sea scenery is quite relaxing. Not to mention those waves may hit coral reefs fabulously!

The good thing is that visitors can easily get a local guide or villagers who often come to the site. Usually, they go fishing in a specific spot so tourists should join them if they come with a fishing rod too. Aside from fishing, the next recommended thing to do in Wedi Putih Beach is none other than exploring the shoreline. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a soft-textured sandy landscape. That means beach walking and sunbathing would be great activities that tourists can enjoy on the site. Make sure to avoid coming at noon in order to avoid the heat of the sun, though.

What is more? Due to the stunning underwater scenery, Wedi Putih Beach is also suitable for snorkeling and diving. The only consideration is related to the best time to do it, though. For a safer experience, it is recommended to go snorkeling during a low tide and good weather. Not only it becomes safer, but the sea comes with a better visibility as well during those times.

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How to Get There
From Malang City, tourists’ first destination is Tirto Yodo Sub-District. Next, they only need to reach Purwodadi Village where Wedi Putih resides. One thing, visitors must park their vehicle at the village first before entering the beach. For the information, this whole trip may take about 2 hours and 38 minutes as the distance is 71.6 km. They can get to the location faster if they take Nasional III Street and use the right vehicle, actually.

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  • Banyu Anjlok Homestay

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