Watu Lepek Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

For those coming to Malang City, they must not miss the chance to visit Watu Lepek Beach. It is one of the most recommended Malang’s south beaches to visit during holidays, after all. This one is located in Gajahrejo Village and it belongs to Gedangan Sub-District. For the information, it resides in the same area as Batu Bengkung Beach. However, Watu Lepek is located behind a hill so tourists need to spend some efforts to get to the shoreline. That means, after parking the vehicle, they need to conduct a short trekking to reach the site.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Watu Lepek Beach is located behind a hill. Moreover, two big cliffs surround it so the nuance is quite secluded and quiet. Still, the most noticeable feature is the big coral reefs having a flat shape that resides near to the shoreline. The length of such coral reef is 20 meters and it has the width of about 6 meters. Somehow, the shape is similar to a “Lepek” or a saucer. No wonder, the locals gave the name to the beach based on the presence of it. As for the waves, they are big and fierce. Thus, tourists are not allowed to swim there.

Exploring Watu Lepek Beach
Some people call Watu Lepek Beach as the serene heaven. It is because the location is quite secluded, so visitors won’t find many people or buildings once they arrive at the beach. What they can find are the pristine nature and beautiful sea panoramas. This explains why most people come to the beach in order to enjoy relaxation and get away from their daily busy works. Despite the peaceful ambiance, tourists may hear a loud noise of the waves. The beach is the part of the Indian Ocean, after all.

As mentioned before, the best feature in Watu Lepek Beach is none other than the lonely coral reef located in the midst of the shore. The shape even looks unique, so it often becomes an object for photography. In fact, tourists won’t find such kind of coral reef in other beaches. Thus, everyone should not miss the chance to take photos of it during the visit.

If tourists come in the afternoon, they can enjoy beach walking in a relaxing manner. The soft texture of the sand makes it comfortable! Not to mention they may see the romantic sunset on the beach when the time comes! This is going to be a memorable vacation, especially for newlyweds or young couples, no?

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How to Get There
A trip to Watu Lepek Beach may take around 1 hour and 50 minutes if tourists come from Malang City, as the distance is 69 km. Their first destination is Gedangan Sub-District by taking Kolonel Sugiono Street. Next, they can simply reach Gajahrejo Village to park the vehicle. Lastly, tourists only need to conduct a short trekking to reach the beach.

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