Banyu Meneng Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Bantur Sub-District in Malang City is known for its exotic beaches. Here is an example. The name is Banyu Meneng Beach, which is located in Sumberbening Village. Despite the unpopularity, the beach does come with a stunning panorama and a good ambiance for lessening. The locals usually come to the location for camping and enjoy other fun tourist activities like family recreation, beach walking, and watching the sunrise in the morning. The only consideration is related to the route, which is considered challenging especially during the rainy season (due to muddy condition). Have no worries. The rewards are satisfying!

The Nuance
Well, tourists can judge the nuance in Banyu Meneng Beach based on the name. “Banyu” means water while “Meneng” means calm. As the name suggests, the beach comes with calm waves and silent nuance even though it is the part of Indian Ocean. No wonder, visitors are allowed to play and swim in the shore. The shoreline is short and it has a comfy landscape for camping too. Do not overlook the fact that the beach has a forest that surrounds the site. Also, on the horizon, tourists may see small coral islands (which are also reachable by boat).

Exploring Banyu Meneng Beach
The fact is Banyu Meneng resides in Kondang Merak Beach’s territory. No wonder, tourists need to pass it before reaching the location. Have no worries. The route is considered easy, so everyone can get to the site without hassles. Another fact is they may see a forest while heading to the beach. The good thing is everyone is allowed to drop by and explore the forest before continuing the trip to Banyu Meneng.

Once arriving at Banyu Meneng Beach, stunning sea scenery and coral rocks welcome everyone. Some of those coral reefs even come with a big size, so they would impress all visitors. The most noticeable feature perhaps is the calm waves! This explains why almost all tourists would likely to get in the water and enjoy either swimming or snorkeling there. Even the seawater looks clear and cool! That means everyone can see corals and fishes underwater clearly. In some spots, in fact, they can enjoy fishing and catch some fishes. This must be done in the afternoon, which is the best time, though.

Another impressive feature is the sandy shoreline with its soft texture where tourists can enjoy beach walking and sunbathing. If they come in the morning, the nuance feels more comfortable and peaceful due to the fresh air. Somehow, at the time, the beach is suitable for lessening and eradicating stresses.

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How to Get There
The route is easy, but it becomes challenging during a rainy season. Thus, tourists should only visit the beach during a good weather for a more comfortable trip. If they come from Malang City, they may spend about 2 hours and 16 minutes. This trip becomes faster if they take Kondang Merak Street, actually. Once they arrive at Bantur Sub-District, they can simply head to Sumberbening Village and park the vehicle to walk to the beach afterward.

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  • Malinda Hotel
  • Cakra Residence Hotel

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