Krambilan Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Krambilan Beach is one of Malang City’s recommended beaches to visit during holidays. The location is in the south region and it belongs to Donomulyo Sub-District. Actually, the beach resides in Tulungrejo Village. Even though the popularity is inferior to Balekambang Beach, it does have a spending panorama and soothing ambiance for family recreation. The locals also take advantage of the beach for lessening in the afternoon after works, in fact. If tourists want a merrier nuance, they should visit it during weekends or holidays (even though the number of visitors is not as many as other beaches).

The Nuance
How can we describe Krambilan Beach? Well, it is indeed beautiful but the nuance is too quiet. Perhaps tourists won’t find any people if they come during working days. Despite the fact, the beach is perfect to find peace and get rid of fatigue. How come? It is because the beach offers warm breezy wind and pristine sea scenery. By simply looking at the sea, in fact, everyone can eradicate stresses right away. Not to mention the seashore is shallow and has small waves. Thus, everyone is allowed to play water and swim in it. However, it is not recommended to get too far due to the fierce waves in the midst of the sea. When it comes to the shoreline, the landscape is sandy and it has a soft texture too. In the back, tourists can see several plants, trees, and bushes.

Exploring Krambilan Beach
Two words represent Krambilan Beach, which is the beauty and serenity. The most common reason why the beach is too quiet is that it is not famous. That means not many people have heard about it or know about the location. Most visitors, in fact, know it from their friends. No wonder, the majority of visitors are only those who live nearby. Is it bad news? Well, other the other hand, it becomes the best place for lessening and finding peace while sightseeing.

Aside from the serenity, Krambilan Beach is also known for its vast and long shoreline. Somehow, the landscape is similar to that of Balekambang Beach. Thus, visitors can enjoy beach walking and play sand with families. The soft texture makes it comfortable to walk on the shoreline barefoot, in fact. As for the best experience, it is recommended to do it in the morning when the seawater is the freshest.

The next noticeable feature in Krambilan Beach is its sharp coral reefs. For those who want to explore those reefs should wear comfy footwear, therefore. On particular spots, they can go fishing and catch some fishes! It can be done freely, as long as tourists have prepared the rod beforehand.

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How to Get There
The distance between Malang City and Krambilan Beach is 64 km. That means a trip to the beach may take around 2 hours and 7 minutes. For a faster trip, in this case, tourists must take only Kolonel Sugiono Street. Later, after arriving at Donomulyo Sub-District, they only need to head to Tulungrejo Village and park their vehicle at the available spot. The last thing to do is to walk on the beach for several minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Jasa Yasa Beach

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