Watu Leter in Malang City, East Java Province

Malang City is part of East Java Province and it has been chosen as one of the best vacation destinations when it comes to beautiful beaches. In this case, tourists only need to visit the south region where many exotic beaches are located. For instance, there is Watu Leter Beach. The location is in Sitiarjo Village and it belongs to Sumbermanjing Sub-District. It is true a trip to Watu Leter takes some time, but the reward is quite satisfying. Both the serene nuance and stunning panorama makes the beach is worth a visit, without a doubt.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Watu Leter Beach is definitely stunning. The first thing that tourists may notice is the clean and neat environment. That means tourists won’t find any trash once they arrive on the site. For the information, the color of the shoreline is light brown or caramel. Even the texture is quite soft! What about the shore? Even though Watu Leter is part of the Indian Ocean (which is famous for the big waves), it has the landscape which is similar to a cape. Big coral reefs also protect the beach from big waves. No wonder, tourists can swim in safe and comfortable manner there. Moreover, the seawater has crystal light blue color!

Exploring Watu Leter
It is true a trip to Watu Leter Beach may take some time and efforts, but it would be worth the time. Once tourists arrive at the location, all the tiredness gets away and the efforts are all paid off. The serene nuance of the beach even soothes visitors and relieves stresses right away! Unlike Goa Cina Beach with its many visitors, Watu Leter is considered more suitable for relaxation due to the peaceful atmosphere.

The next feature that makes Watu Leter special is the presence of big corals, which are located in the midst of the shore. In fact, the locals gave the name to the beach due to the presence of those stunning coral reefs. Actually, villagers call them Leler or Leter, which means plain. No wonder, tourists won’t miss the chance to take photos of those corals and other beautiful objects that they can find in the beach.

What is next? Well, Watu Leter Beach is known for its sea turtles. According to the locals, many sea turtles often come ashore to lay eggs. If tourists come at the right time, they might be able to witness such natural phenomenon! Also, the locals may release small gray sea turtles to the sea at a specific time. Once again, tourists must find the schedule if they want to watch the event directly.

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How to Get There
The distance between Malang City and Watu Leter Beach is 70.6 km. That means the trip takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. What tourists need to do is to visit Sitiarjo Village at Sumbermanjing Sub-District where the beach resides. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Kolonel Sugiono Street though.

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