Wedi Klopo Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Due to the fact that Malang City has tons of beaches, many tourists call it the city of a thousand islands. These exotic and serene beaches are located in the south region and they offer an unlimited experience to visitors. As for the reference, there is Wedi Klopo Beach in Gajahrejo Village and it belongs to Gedangan Sub-District. According to the locals, people keep coming to the beach in order to enjoy the serenity and absolute beauty of the shoreline. Due to the peaceful nuance, in fact, visitors are able to eradicate stresses and find peace there!

The Nuance
The most noticeable feature in Wedi Klopo Beach is none other than the serenity. It is because the number of visitors is low due to the fact that the beach is not as popular as Balekambang or Goa Cina Beach. Next, tourists may see two big coral reefs that surround the beach beautifully. No wonder, visitors can enjoy swimming safely due to small waves. After all, those coral reefs protect the shoreline from big and fierce waves. What is next? The beach is also known for its soft-textured light brown sand. Thus, beach walking and playing sand are quite recommended there. Not to mention tourists can see a stunning sunset in the afternoon and take pictures of it either using a camera or smartphone.

Exploring Wedi Klopo Beach
Most visitors come to Wedi Klopo Beach in order to witness the romantic sunset in the afternoon, actually. They would come with families or a lover in order to enjoy a more memorable moment on the beach, in fact. Due to the nuance, people also take advantage of the beach to take pre-wedding photos! They wait for the perfect time (which is during the sunset) and take photos in front of it. The silhouettes indeed look great!

In terms of name, “Wedi” means sand while “Klopo” means coconuts. Perhaps the locals gave the name due to the fact that the beach offers those beautiful objects. Visitors may find a soft-textured shoreline and lots of coconut trees in that area, after all. This explains why the atmosphere is quite comfortable and the beach is suitable for relaxation, too. Not only tourists can spend the time on the shoreline, but they can also climb the nearby hills to get better scenery in fact.

As mentioned before, tourists can enjoy swimming safely in Wedi Klopo Beach. Thanks to the coral reefs or nearby hills that protect the beach from big waves. One thing, it is better to swim during the low tide. Otherwise, the waves can be unpredictable and become dangerous for swimming. For those who can’t swim, in this case, they can take spend a good time at the shoreline instead.

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How to Get There
The distance between Malang City and Wedi Klopo Beach is 69.6 km. That means tourists need to spend at least 2 hours in order to reach the beach. Have no worries. They can get there faster by taking Mayjen Sungkono Street. What they need to do is to visit Gajahrejo Village at Gedangan Sub-District where the beach is located.

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