Ngledakan Ciut Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

An adventure in new places would be all tourists’ concern when a holiday is coming near. In this case, they must consider visiting Malang City due to the presence of many impressive beaches including the one called Ngledakan Ciut. This beach is located in Kedungsalam Village and belongs to Donomulyo Sub-District. The locals say that the beach is popular among tourists due to the friendly waves. That means most visitors are likely to enjoy swimming and play water in the sea once they arrive at the beach. The site is also suitable to retreat or find peace after works.

The Nuance
The seclusion makes Ngledakan Beach quite peaceful. Not to mention it has a clean and pristine environment. After all, tourists won’t find any trash there. The shoreline is short, but it features a flawless white sandy landscape. In the west part of the beach, a big coral reef resides with lots of plants on it. What is more? Once again, the sea comes with small waves and stable currents. It even looks stunning due to the exotic blue color! Another impressive thing is that the beach is located to other beautiful coasts including Watu Lawang, Padas Pecah, Pasanggrahan, etc!

Exploring Ngledakan Ciut Beach
The first allure in Ngledakan Ciut Beach is none other than the serenity. As mentioned before, the location is remote so the beach doesn’t have as many visitors as others. Another reason is that the shoreline is quite narrow (which is why tourists can see both corners of it). Is it a bad thing? Well, instead of being a boring beach, Ngledakan Ciut is suitable to enjoy relaxation and lessening. Another good thing about the seclusion is that tourists may feel like spending a holiday on a private beach!

Aside from the unspoiled nature, Ngledakan Ciut Beach has other allures for sure. For instance, it is related to the sea scenery (which features great waves). It is because the beach connects to the Indian Ocean, so it shares its fierce waves. Knowing the fact, visitors should not get in the water or swim in it! As an alternative, they can visit a coral hill located on the corner of the shoreline. For the information, that is the best spot for fishing!

What is more? Ngledakan Ciut Beach has another allure, which is the romantic sunset in the afternoon. In order to witness this phenomenon, though, tourists should come in the dusk. The sun looks majestic, especially when it dives in the see on the horizon. For those who want to spend a night at the beach, in fact, they are allowed to build a tent!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Malang City, they may spend about 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach Ngledakan Beach. It is because the distance is 66.9 km. The good news is tourists can get there faster if they take Raya Pantai Ngliyep Street. What they need to do is heading to Donomulyo Sub-District and reaching Kedungsalam Village afterward.

Where to Stay

  • Jasa Yasa Inn

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