Lenggoksono Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

It is a known fact that Malang City has a bunch of beaches located in its southern region. One of the most popular ones is called Lenggoksono Beach, which is located in Tirto Yudo Sub-District. As the name suggests, the beach resides in Lenggoksono Village. Not only it offers an amusing panorama, but the beach also comes with an easy accessibility. Thus, everyone can get to the location without hassles. The question is what tourists can do there. These include boat riding, snorkeling, sightseeing, photography, relaxation, and surfing! The good news is the local government has provided several facilities to the site for the sake of tourists’ comfort!

The Nuance
Like other beaches that reside in the south region of Malang City, Lenggoksono Beach is known for the big waves. The shoreline is long and it has a shape which is similar to a crescent moon! As for the landscape, the shoreline comes with white light brown sand and excellent texture. Thus, it would be quite comfortable to walk on it barefoot. In the back, tourists may find tons of plants and trees as well! Not to mention some big rocks reside in the corner of the shoreline. What is more? As mentioned before, the beach comes with lots of facilities. These include food stands, toilets, boat service, snorkeling center, etc.

Exploring Lenggoksono Beach
The first recommended tourist activity is to ride a boat and explore the sea in a comfortable manner. What tourists need to do is to pay the boat service to the owner first. It won’t cost much, as they can chip in with other passengers. This boat may bring them to neighboring beaches as well including Bolu-Bolu, Kletekan, and Banyu Anjlok Beach!

What is next? Most people also come to Lenggoksono Beach in order to enjoy snorkeling and witness the stunning underwater scenery. Even though it doesn’t come with many snorkeling spots, tourists won’t regret getting in the water. One thing, the waves are considered strong so beginners should hire an instructor for the sake of safety. Those who love challenging sports should take advantage of the big waves for surfing, actually. The thing is they need to carry the surfing board and other equipment from home. They won’t find any service center in Lenggoksono Beach, after all.

The next recommended thing to do in Lenggoksono Beach is to visit the local lobster conservation site. The most popular species are Pasir, Batu, and Mutiara Lobster! Later, tourists also have the chance to come to the underwater caves at a nearby island called Gadung where lobsters lay their eggs. It would be a new experience for most of the tourists, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Banyu Anjlok Beach
  • Bolu Bolu Beach

How to Get There
For those coming from Malang City, they may spend about 2 hours and 32 minutes in order to get to Lenggoksono Beach. It is because the distance is 69.9 km. If they want to arrive at the destination faster, they should take Nasional III Street and use the best transportation service. First, they should head to Tirto Yudo Sub-District. Next, they only need to reach Lenggoksono Village where the beach is located.

Where to Stay

  • Banyu Anjlok Homestay

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