Ngantep Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

The south beaches of Malang City are known for their big waves and exotic panoramas. This explains why lots of tourists never get bored to come to Malang and explore those beaches during the holidays. As for the reference, there is Ngantep Beach located in Sidurejo Village of Gedangan Sub-District. The nuance is a little bit different than Balekambang and Goa Cina Beach, actually. It looks secluded and abandoned. However, tourists take advantage of the condition get away from busy routines. Plus, they want to enjoy surfing in the sea! Thanks to the great waves.

The Nuance
The size of the shoreline is not quite long, but it features exotic brown sand. The texture is firm and it looks like a mud instead of a sandy landscape, though. As mentioned before, the most recognizable thing is the presence of great waves and strong wind. This explains why Ngantep Beach is suitable for surfing (especially for professionals). Despite the low popularity, the beach has provided several facilities like a parking area and tourism center. A nearby in is also available for tourists to rent if they decide to spend the night or rest for a while during the visit.

Exploring Ngantep Beach
Even though Ngantep Beach is located in a secluded area, tourists can easily find the location with the help of nearby villagers. Due to the seclusion, the beach offers a serene and comfy nuance indeed. Moreover, not many tourists are seen on the location! This explains why citizens often choose it as the place to eradicate stresses and get away from busy routines. No wonder, Ngantep becomes a perfect place to enjoy relaxation especially in the afternoon or during holidays and weekends.

Aside from relaxation, people come to Ngantep Beach in order to enjoy a challenging tourist activity like surfing. Thanks to the big waves. Professional surfers indeed are able to enjoy surfing to their heart’s content. However, beginners and those who don’t have much swimming experience should avoid getting in the water. The beach connects directly to the Indian Ocean, after all. Another consideration is related to the equipment. Surfers should have prepared the surfing gears beforehand.

What is more? It is true Ngantep Beach is a little bit secluded, but it has come with several facilities like toilets, a resting place, parking area, praying spot, and others. Another allure that tourists can find in Ngantep Beach is a small cave called Batok. The location is on the feet of a nearby hill! Here is the good news. Tourists can explore the cave freely! One thing, they must carry a flashlight when entering the cave. It is also recommended to hire a local guide who knows the route well.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Ngandol Beach
  • Batok Cave

How to Get There
Despite the secluded location, tourists can easily get to Ngantep Beach due to the excellent accessibility. If they come from Malang City, they may spend about 1 hour and 54 minutes. It is because the distance is 56.6 km. Have no worries. They can get to the destination faster by taking the best route which is Kolonel Sugiono Street.

Where to Stay

  • Wibisiono Hotel
  • Dhilpratis Inn

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