Bolu Bolu Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

A wonderful vacation always features great tourist spots. In this case, lots of people may choose beaches as their place to spend a holiday. In Malang City, for example, they may find various southern beaches like Bolu Bolu! The location is in Tirto Yudo Sub-District and it belongs to Purwodadi Village. The beach offers a triple treat to visitors including the stunning sea scenery, hilly landscape, and majestic underwater beauty. This explains why most visitors would enjoy sightseeing, snorkeling, and photography once they arrive on the site. They also take advantage of the serene nuance of the beach for relaxation.

The Nuance
The stunning sea scenery welcomes everyone with its sparkling water. Even the waves look calm and luring. Somehow, the sea is safe enough to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. When it comes to the shoreline, the white soft-textured sandy landscape is indeed suitable for beach walking. The best part is that tourists see great hills that surround the beach with their lush trees. No wonder, the ambiance feels so comfortable and cool regardless of the time. If they come early in the morning, though, they have the chance to witness the astonishing sunrise!

Exploring Bolu Bolu Beach
The most common reason to visit Bolu Bolu Beach is to enjoy snorkeling. It is because the beach features an amazing underwater beauty with its excellent clarity and various sea creatures. These include the breathtaking corals that reside down there! Their condition is good and they come in various shapes and sizes, as well. When it comes to the difficulty, the sea current is suitable for people regardless of the experience. Unlike other southern beaches in Malang City, Bolu Bolu offers a safe and friendly sea current.

For the information, Bolu Bolu Beach belongs to the Bowele Area including two other fabulous beaches called Banyu Anjlok and Lenggoksono. That means it shares some similar characteristics including the presence of a camping ground where tourists can build a tent. Several local houses are even seen nearby! That means tourists can get to the toilets easily and find foods or snacks during the visit later.

The next allure in Bolu Bolu Beach is the stunning sunset in the morning. Tourists can either spend the night by camping first or directly visit the beach early in the morning. Due to the beauty of the sunrise, in fact, some people take advantage of it as the background for their pre-wedding photos. Here is the tip. For a merrier nuance, it is recommended to come only during weekends or big days. It is also recommended to come in the afternoon when the nuance becomes more soothing due to the romantic dusk ambiance.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Banyu Anjlok Beach
  • Lenggoksono Beach

How to Get There
The distance between Malang City and Bolu Bolu Beach is 67.4 km. That means the trip may take approximately 2 hours and 37 minutes in order to reach the site. Their first destination is Tirto Yudo Sub-District. Next, they only need to get to Purwodadi Village where the beach is located. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Nasional III Street.

Where to Stay

  • Banyu Anjlok Homestay

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