Kondang Buntung Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Malang City almost never runs out of beautiful beaches for tourists to visit during the holidays. In Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-District, for example, there is Kondang Buntung Beach. It belongs to Tambakrejo Village and offers a distinct allure to visitors. It is because tourists can experience a river exploration, which is similar to that of the Amazon River. Aside from that, tourists can enjoy other fun activities, especially for photography. With these allures, the beach indeed has a better popularity than others that reside in the same area. Not only it is recognized by the locals, but the beach also attracts outsiders and some foreigners (especially during a long holiday).

The Nuance
When it comes to the nuance, Kondang Buntung Beach looks similar to southern beaches in Malang City. One thing that makes it different is the presence an exotic river with mangrove trees on both of its sides. In terms of appearance, it looks like the Amazon Forest! The good thing is tourists are allowed to explore it using a boat (after paying the service fee). The route’s length is 1.5 km and the river has the width of 8 meters. What about the sea? Well, the shores look calm and beautiful. Most tourists would gather in the estuary instead of exploring the sea. The main charm of the beach is its mangroves river.

Exploring Kondang Buntung Beach
People don’t have to visit Amazon River in order to experience a river adventure. Thanks to Kondang Buntung Beach. Tourists are able to enjoy a similar fun without spending too much money and efforts. Even the trip to the beach is quite worthy due to various beautiful landscapes that tourists may see on the way to the destination. Once they arrive at Sendangbiru Beach (which is the entrance to Kondang Buntung), it takes only several minutes to reach the site.

One thing that they may notice once arriving at the location is the presence of traditional boats and wooden houses located by the shore. Not to mention the roar of the waves and breezy wind welcome all visitors. There is also a cape, which is formed due to the high tide. This site is shady and comfy as many trees grow on it. If tourists look for a relaxation, they must choose that spot indeed.

The main allure in Kondang Buntung Beach is definitely the river exploration. After paying the service fee, tourists are allowed to explore the estuary and see tons of mangroves on both sides. The water is shallow and the nuance is serene! Do not forget to take photos while on the boat, though.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Malang City, they may spend about 2 hours and 21 minutes to reach Kondang Buntung Beach. After all, the distance is 73.3 km but it can be faster as long as tourists use the right route (which is Raya Argotirto Street). After arriving at Sumbermanjing Sub-District, they only need to reach Tambakrejo Village and walk for a while to the beach.

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