Pasanggrahan Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

For those visiting Malang City, they should head to Gedangan Sub-District where several panoramic beaches reside. Here is an example. The name is Pasanggrahan Beach and it is located in Wonogoro Village. The beach has a soothing atmosphere and comfy shoreline, so it suitable for relaxation and beach walking either in the morning or afternoon. According to the locals, the beach is also chosen as a mining site due to the abundant magnetite sand. No wonder, tourists may see several miners on that area if they come during working days. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the beach during holidays or weekends for a more peaceful nuance.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Pasanggrahan Beach is both beautiful and comfortable. The good thing is the shoreline is quite vast and long, so visitors can enjoy beach walking to their heart’s content. Even though the texture is a little bit rough (due to the presence of gravels and stones), the shoreline has an exotic blackish brown color. What about the sea? It is true the waves are big, but they become smaller once reaching the shoreline. Thus, swimming is possible as long as tourists don’t get in the midst of the sea! What is next? In the corner of the shoreline, a majestic hill resides where people usually conduct photography.

Exploring Pasanggrahan Beach
Those who are looking for a peaceful place to spend a vacation should consider visiting Pasanggrahan Beach. It is because lots of trees grow well on the entrance of the beach, which creates a shady and shooting environment. Once getting near to the shore, the roar of the waves welcome them and it sounds so relaxing. Not to mention the warm wind of the sea feels so nice on the skin. For the information, the beach offers a peaceful nuance due to its secluded location and a low number of visitors. Thus, it suits the best for relaxation!

In terms of location, Pasanggrahan is located in the west part of Taman Ayu and Wonogoro Beach. That means tourists can explore these neighboring beaches later. It doesn’t even take much time to get there. Despite the fact, Pasanggrahan has a distinct feature as compared to them. It is the blackish brown sandy landscape. The color looks exotic and the texture is soft. Thus, beach walking would be a good thing to do there.

Another recommended thing to do in Pasanggrahan Beach is to swim or play water. However, tourists must choose the right spot for swimming due to the unpredictable waves. In some parts, located near to the estuary-like site, they can find shallow water with low waves actually. Also, it is recommended to swim or play water during the low tide (which is considered safer).

Nearby Attractions

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  • Wonogoro Beach
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How to Get There
A distance between Malang City and Pasanggrahan Beach is 57.5 km. That means the trip takes approximately 1 hour and 49 minutes, but it can be faster if tourists take Kolonel Sugiono Street. They only need to reach Gedangan Sub-District first, and head to Wonogoro Village afterward. Also, it is recommended to use the right transportation service for a more comfortable and faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Wibisiono Hotel
  • Dhilpratis Inn

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