Pancer Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

For the next holiday, tourists should consider visiting Pancer Beach in Malang City. It is located in the south part of the region and is known as the hidden paradise. The exact location is in Sidoasri Village and it belongs to Sumbermanjing Sub-District. Due to the unspoiled nature, many people come to the site in order to enjoy relaxation and getting rid of stresses. Some tourists also choose the beach for camping and natural exploration, actually. Thanks to the panoramas. The site is suitable for sightseeing and photography, too.

The Nuance
The first impression is the clean shoreline with its brown sand. What is more? The fact is Pancer Beach is surrounded by beautiful green hills. Thus, the nuance feels both soothing and stunning. As for the sea, the waves are small. That means visitors can enjoy swimming and play in the water with a caution. After all, the beach is part of the Indian Ocean (which is known for its unpredictable waves). The next great feature is none other than the relaxing Zephyr. Even though many bushes and small plants are seen in that area, tourists won’t find many trees though.

Exploring Pancer Beach
The locals often come to Pancer Beach in order to conduct a natural exploration, which is considered a little bit extreme due to the challenging landscape. Tourists only need to use the available footpath located in the nearby hill that resides by the shore. For the information, the route is both challenging and steep. However, it comes with the best panorama! Tourists can witness stunning sea scenery from that area, as well.

The next coming thing to in Pancer Beach is to spend the night near to the shoreline. That means tourists may build a tent and enjoy camping there. Visitors can find several good spots to build the tent, after all. Not only the landscape is comfy, but the ambiance is suitable to relieve stresses and get a romantic experience for those who come with a lover. Later, in the morning, they can even see the soothing sunrise! Do not forget to make a cup a coffee and drink it comfortably while enjoying such nuance, though.

What is more? Pancer Beach has great waves and strong wind, so water sports are considered dangerous. As an alternative, tourists can enjoy sightseeing and photography by the shore. They can simply take photos of the waves and other available objects like hills and the sunrise. Another recommended thing to do is definitely beach walking. Tourists should explore the shoreline thoroughly, in this case. Here is the tip. It is recommended to come only during a good weather, as the rain may ruin the atmosphere.

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How to Get There
From Malang City, a trip to Pancer Beach may take around 2 hours and 35 minutes. It is because the distance is 66.5 km. Tourists’ first destination is Sumbermanjing Sub-District. Next, they only need to reach Sidoasri Village. Here is the tip. They can get to the beach faster by taking Nasional III Street.

Where to Stay

  • Banyu Anjlok Homestay

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