Balekambang Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Located in the south region of Malang City, Balekambang Beach should be everyone’s choice when it comes to a relaxing vacation experience. In terms of location, the beach is located in Srigonco Village and it belongs to Bantur Sub-District. In fact, it has been recognized by foreigners due to the excellent serenity and beauty. Even many people call it the Tanah Lot of East Java Province. The panorama and nuance are similar to that of Bali’s, after all.

The Nuance
Once tourists arrive at Balekambang Beach, they may see vast sea scenery right away. The blue color of the sea soothes everyone with its clarity, as well. The waves are moderate and the wind feels warm! Not to mention the environment is perfectly clean with no trash at all. Aside from such beautiful nuance, the beach also features a coral island. The good thing is everyone is able to reach the island by taking advantage of the available bridge. For the information, the locals often visit the island for praying (especially the Hindu People). The fact is a temple resides on it.

Exploring Balekambang Beach
As for tourist activities, people can do many things once they get to the location. For example, visitors can get more information regarding the history of the site from nearby villagers. It is said the beach was once surrounded by lush trees and forest. People rarely visited the location back then. However, in 1978, it was recognized by outsiders and kept luring visitors over time. No wonder, the local government made it an official tourist site.

The most common reason to visit Balekambang Beach is to enjoy sightseeing. Tourists may explore the shoreline while watching the coral island comfortably. They are likely to conduct photography as well! In fact, tourists are allowed to reach the temple and watch the procession directly. As long as they don’t disturb the ceremony, they can freely get on that site. Taking photos is actually possible, but it requires the consent of the prayers. Also, everyone should not litter and make too much noise there.

What is more? Balekambang Beach is also known for the local myth. It is said any young couple who spend a vacation in this beach won’t have a long and happy relationship. No one can explain why! Another interesting legend is that those who take a bath in the beach may get a long-lasting youth! Even though it sounds unreasonable, many tourists won’t miss the chance to play water and take a bath while visiting the beach. It is fun, after all.

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How to Get There
From Malang City or the downtown, tourists can directly head to Balekambang Beach. They only need to head to Srigonco Village at Bantur Sub-District, actually. The distance between Malang and the beach is 58.4 km. That means the trip takes approximately 1 hour and 49 minutes. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Kolonel Sugiono Street.

Where to Stay

  • Dhilpartis Inn
  • Wibisiono Hotel

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