Savanna Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

People would have a memorable vacation experience if they come to the beach. The breezy wind, warm seawater, and stunning sea scenery are some of the allures. The question is what beach they must visit. If they come to Malang City, in this case, they may find tons of options including Savanna Beach! This one resides in Tambakrejo Village and belongs to Sumbermanjing Sub-District. The fact is the beach belongs to the Clungup Mangrove Conservation and has been included in a tourism package including neighboring beaches like Tiga Warna and Clungup!

The Nuance
Before entering Savanna Beach, one must pass through the entrance of Clungup Mangrove Conservation first. Not to mention they need to register things that they carry. The purpose is to retain the beauty of the beaches and avoid littering, actually. Also, visitors need to conduct a short trekking to get down the hill in order to reach the beach. This is going to be both fun and challenging, for sure. What about the nuance? Savanna Beach has a pristine environment and it comes with a white sandy shoreline. Several coral reefs also reside there! As people expect, there is a beautiful savanna located near to the shore!

Exploring Savanna Beach
The first impressive feature in Savanna Beach is the white sandy shoreline. Moreover, the texture is soft enough for tourists to enjoy beach walking barefoot. They can explore it without spending too much stamina either, due to the fact that the shoreline is short. Here is the next tip. On the sides of it, several coral reefs reside where tourists can take photos and selfies! On the horizon, moreover, a majestic hill resides peacefully with its green panorama. Thanks to the dense trees growing on it.

As for the sea, the waves are big so tourists should avoid swimming, snorkeling, or other types of water sports. They can enjoy sightseeing and photography instead. The good news is the beach is located near to a local settlement, so tourists can easily get foods and drinks from villagers (of course after paying them). After eating some snacks, it is recommended to conduct a soft trekking to the top of the hill and witness either the sunrise or sunset!

Aside from those allures mentioned before, Savanna Beach is definitely known for its savanna! The size is considered vast, so tourists can explore it to their heart’s content. In order to get the best experience, though, they must visit it only during the rainy season. Otherwise, the grasses turn yellow and unappealing. On the other hand, the savanna looks green and fertile if tourists come at the right time.

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How to Get There
From Malang City, it may take around 2 hours and 15 minutes in order to get to Savanna Beach. It is because the distance is 71.3 km. Well, tourists only need to reach Sumbermanjing Sub-District first. Next, they should head to Tambakrejo Village and conduct a short trekking to the site. As for the information, everyone should take Kolonel Sugiono Street for a faster trip.

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