Klatakan Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

The next good vacation spot to visit in Malang City is called Klatakan Beach. The beach is included in the list of the tons of beaches that tourists can find in the south of the region, actually. To be exact, the location is in Sidoasri Village and it belongs to Sumbermanjing Sub-District. Not to mention it has become the pride of people who live in Sidoasri. The fact is the villagers and the local government work together to maintain the beach. No wonder, the site is well-maintained and quite clean! This makes all visitors comfortable during the visit, without a doubt.

The Nuance
For the information, tourists won’t find a long shoreline with white sand in Klatakan Beach. It is because the site is surrounded by hills and trees. Plus, it features lots of stones or rocks on the shoreline. No wonder, when the waves hit the shoreline, they make a loud soothing noise. The songs of the birds make the nuance feel more comfortable, as well! If tourists look at the horizon, they may see a beautiful small island as well. What is more? The locals have built an outbound facility there, which is a flying fox! Not to mention a camping ground is available for tourists to enjoy camping at any time. Another feature is the presence of a brackish water pond, which is suitable for bathing and photography.

Exploring Klatakan Beach
Those who never visit Klatakan Beach should get more information regarding the site. It is because they need to find the right route to the best viewing spot, as well. The location is at the nearby hill, so tourists can witness majestic sea scenery from up there! They may find many trees and bushes all the way to that spot too, in fact. The milky blue color of the sea is definitely stunning, no? For more interesting exploration, it is recommended to visit other famous spots like the brackish pond and a nearby river, though.

After exploring Klatakan Beach thoroughly, tourists can also enjoy other fun things like snorkeling. The reason is the beach is known for its beautiful underwater scenery, as well. The local government even has chosen it as the site to conserve corals! The conservation area has the size of about 2 hectares and tourists can explore it comfortably while snorkeling. When it comes to the difficulty, it is considered moderate.

What is more? Several local farms reside near to Klatakan Beach, which makes it more beautiful. In fact, tourists are allowed to visit the farms and explore the site freely. Usually, those farms become a place to enjoy photography. Some local farmers are also seen there!

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How to Get There
From Malang City, a trip to Klatakan Beach may take about 2 hours and 37 minutes. It is because the distance is 67.3 km. What tourists need to do is to get to Sumbermanjing Sub-District first. Next, they only need to head to Sidoasri Village where the beach is located. For a faster trip, though, it is recommended to take Nasional III Street.

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