Sipelot Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Malang City has been recognized for its agro tourism. Most tourists come to the region in order to visit local apple farms, in fact. Still, Malang also offers majestic natural attractions including southern beaches like Sipelot Beach. This one resides in Pujiharjo Village and belongs to Tirtoyudo Sub-District. Like other beaches, Sipelot is suitable for several fun activities like beach walking, photography, exploration, and playing water. Aside from the beauty, the beach also has an important history that tourists can learn during the visit. In terms of name, actually, “Sipelot” derives from the Dutch Language which means a stopover.

The Nuance
The first noticeable thing in Sipelot Beach is that it has a long shoreline (having the length of about 2 km). Not to mention it comes with a beautiful brownish white sandy landscape. The next uniqueness is definitely the shape of the shoreline itself, which looks like a crescent moon. Some people even consider it a cape instead of beach due to the shape. When it comes to the nuance, the beach offers a natural refreshing ambiance with several trees growing in the back. Plus, limestone hills surround the beach and they look majestic. Here is the information. The shoreline consists of three parts. Both the right and left sides are used mainly for tourism, while the center part is the spot where boats reside.

Exploring Sipelot Beach
The question is what tourists can do in Sipelot Beach. Well, it is as simple as to learn the history. According to the locals, the Dutch used the beach as a stopover place. As mentioned before, the beach was named after the Dutch Language. After hearing the complete history from nearby villagers, tourists can get around the site and enjoy sightseeing. Visitors can even find a stunning waterfall located near to the shoreline, which is called Coban Sipelot. The height is about 10 meters, so it indeed becomes a great object for tourists to see while visiting the beach.

The next thing that tourists can enjoy in Sipelot Beach is the mesmerizing sunrise. The thing is tourists must come early in the morning if they want to watch it. As an alternative, they can build a tent and spend the night in the beach and watch the sunrise later in the morning. Have no worries. Everyone is allowed to camp in the beach, as long as they choose the right spot and avoid littering. The sound of the waves and the stunning panorama of the beach make camping more comfortable, no?

Photography would be another thing that tourists can do in Sipelot Beach. The fact is many beautiful spots where they can collect good photos. For instance, they only need to get to the western end of the shoreline where lots of rocks and stones reside. Another great object is the presence of a group of local fishermen who are seen in the sea. Make sure to take photos of them, as well!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Malang City, they can take any local transportation service and head to Sipelot Beach right away. Their destination is Pujiharjo Village at Tirtoyudo Sub-District. The distance is 75.5 km, so this trip may take around 2 hours and 47 minutes. It can be faster if they take Nasional III Street, actually.

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