Jolangkung Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Some people who live in Indonesia are indeed familiar with Jolangkung, which is the local mystical creature. So, does it mean Jolangkung Beach in Malang City is related to it? Well, actually it is not. Instead, the beach offers a beautiful panorama and excellent nuance for relaxation. The location is in Gajahrejo Village and it belongs to Gedangan Sub-District. In terms of name, actually, it derives from two words Jo and Langkung. The meaning is “do not pass”. The reason is the beach is located exactly by the Lintas Selatan Street. Due to the big waves, the water often reaches the street and disturbs the traffic. Thus, vehicles should wait for a while to let the water goes away before passing.

The Nuance
Despite the troublesome waves, Jolangkung Beach indeed becomes a suitable place for spending a vacation with families. The first reason is the stunning panorama of the sea. In the horizon, tourists may see several small islands with green trees and plants on it. Those definitely become a perfect background for photography. Moreover, tourists don’t need to pay any ticket fee in order to enter and explore the beach. Here is the only consideration. Visitors should not get to close to the shore due to the strong waves.

Exploring Jolangkung Beach
One thing that makes Jolangkung Beach different than others is definitely the phenomenon that big waves often spill on the street. After all, the shore is located quite near to Lintas Selatan Street. This explains why vehicles need to stop when it happens. Instead of being a disturbance to tourists, the event turns into an interesting attraction instead. That means they may take photos of it and get closer to see those waves directly.

Even though Jolangkung Beach waves come with big waves, these get smaller when reaching the shoreline. Thanks to the presence of long coral reefs that reside by the shore. The length is about 300 meters and the height is only 50 cm. Still, tourists should reconsider if they want to enjoy swimming there. It is because the sea is not quite safe for it, even among professional swimmers. Instead, visitors can do other fun things like photography and relaxation.

The fact is Jolangkung Beach is surrounded by exotic landscapes, especially hills. Not to mention it resides near to famous beaches like Jonggring Saloko, Modangan, Tamban, etc. That means tourists can explore those places in the same day, without spending too much time and efforts. Moreover, several good inns are available near to it for tourists to rent and spend a comfy night with families.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Malang City, they may spend about 2 hours in order to reach Jolangkung Beach. Their first destination is Gedangan Sub-District. Next, they only need to visit Gajahrejo Village where the beach is located. For the information, the distance is 70.6 km. If tourists take the right route, in fact, they can get to the location faster. It is Mayjen Sungkono Street.

Where to Stay

  • Boncel Homestay
  • Graha Hotel
  • Griyadi Montana Hotel
  • Mutiara Hotel

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