Goa China Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

Malang City belongs to East Java Province and it is known for the delicious local apples. Aside from that, the region has tons of stunning beaches located in the south part of it! One of them is called Goa China Beach and it resides in Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-District. To be exact, the beach is located in Sitiarjo Village. Actually, the original name is Rowo Indah Beach. In the past, not many tourists know much about it in fact. However, more people start recognizing the beauty after seeing some photos on the social media sites. The publicity makes the beach more famous over time, without a doubt!

The Nuance
It is true Malang City has lots of south beaches that tourists can visit regardless of the time. The question is what makes Goa China Beach different than others. One of the best allure is the fiercer waves! It is because the beach connects directly to the Indian Ocean. Due to this fact, tourists should avoid swimming and do other types of water sports carelessly there. As an alternative, visitors can take advantage of the soothing sunrise in the morning! Not to mention a mysterious cave resides near to the shoreline where tourists can explore! What is more? Do not forget the presence of three small islands located nearby called Nyonya, Goa Cina, and Bantengan Island.

Exploring Goa China Beach
Goa China Beach has tons of interesting allures for tourists to enjoy during the visit. Here is an example. Not only the beach offers stunning sea panoramas, but it also has an easy accessibility. The location is near to Sendang Biru and Bajul Mati Beach, so tourists can explore several beaches in one day! Still, the most interesting allure is the presence of a mysterious cave located in the shoreline. It is said the depth is 8 meters and the cave has the height of 2 meters. That means everyone is able to enter the cave easily.

After visiting the cave and explore the shoreline, tourists should hear further information regarding the site. It is said, 20 years ago, a monk came to the beach and conducted a hermitage in the cave. He spent the rest of his life in the cave and died on the site. The locals found only several bones and old Mandarin letters inside the cave later. For further information regarding this story, tourists should talk to the elders or local guide though.

Even though the sea looks stunning and alluring, no one is allowed to get in the water and swim in it. The reason is none other than the big waves and strong current. In fact, due to the fierce wind, local fishermen would avoid working in that area. It is better safe than sorry, no?

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How to Get There
The good news is Goa China Beach has an easy accessibility. From Malang City, tourists can take any available local transportation service and head to Sitiarjo Village at Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-District where the beach is located. The distance is 70.2 km, so this trip takes approximately 2 hours and 12 minutes. As for the best route, tourists should take Kolonel Sugiono Street.

Where to Stay

  • Maltan’s Room

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