Bangsong Beach in Malang City, East Java Province

If one is looking for a good place to spend a vacation or family recreation, Malang City can be a great choice. Well, one of the reasons is definitely due to the presence of astonishing beaches for tourists to explore. Here is the reference. The name is Bangsong Beach and it resides in the same area as Teluk Asmoro and Clungup Beach. To be exact, the location is in Tambakrejo Village and it belongs to Sumbermanjing Sub-District. The fact is the beach is only 50 meters apart from Teluk Asmoro! That means tourists can enjoy both beaches during the same time of visit!

The Nuance
Perhaps some tourists may wonder what they can find in Bangsong Beach. They ask what make the beach different than others, somehow. Well, in terms of nuance, it is similar to the neighboring Teluk Asmoro Beach. The white shoreline welcomes everyone with its soft texture and amazing appearance. The unique thing is that the beach comes with a beautiful savanna with its vast size. Moreover, flowers and green plants grow abundantly in it! Another impressive feature is the low waves and warm seawater. No wonder, swimming would be a safe and comfortable thing to do (especially during a good weather).

Exploring Bangsong Beach
For the information, Bangsong Beach is managed directly by Perhutani Inc. Thus, visitors must pay the ticket fee before entering the site. Have no worries. It is going to be a worthy expense, and everyone won’t regret it. So, what can people do in Bangsong Beach? According to the management, most people come to the beach in order to go camping. They take advantage of the plain and vast shoreline to build the tent and spend the night comfortably by the shore. The thing is they must carry and prepare the equipment beforehand due to the absence of rental services.

Bangsong Beach is, in fact, a new vacation spot. That means the environment remains good, clean, and comfy. This explains why the beach is suitable for relaxation and exploration. The good news is the local government keeps improving the facilities, so tourists can use gazebos and other conveniences that they can find there.

The next thing that tourists should know about Bangsong Beach is the strategic location. It is true the site is located near to other famous beaches like Clungup, Tomen, and Sendang Biru Beach. In this case, therefore, tourists should visit them all either before or after coming to Bangsong Beach. What is more? As an alternative, visitors can enjoy beach sports like volley and soccer! What a great beach it is!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Malang City and Bangsong Beach is 71.3 km. That means tourists may spend around 2 hours and 14 minutes to reach the location. Their first destination is Sumbermanjing Sub-District and they should reach Tambakrejo Village afterward. For a faster trip, though, everyone should take only Kolonel Sugiono Street.

Where to Stay

  • Ariesta Homestay
  • Brawijaya Homestay

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