Watu Pinawetengan

Watu Pinawetengan, which means stone Distribution Points, is located in the village Pinabetengan, Tompaso Subdistrict, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi.

In this place, around 1000 BC there were dividends of nine Minahasan sub-ethnics including Tontembuan, Tombulu, Tonsea, Tolowur, Tonsawang, Pasan, Ponosakan, Bantik and Siao. In addition to dividing the territory, the elders of the tribes also make this place to negotiate about all the problems that encountered.

The scratches in the rock are forming variety of motifs and believed to be the result of negotiations tribes. The motive is in the form of a human image, the images such as the genitals of men and women, a leaf motif and irregular collection of lines without clear meaning.

Watu Pinawetengan is an interesting megalithic stone because of its unique form and scripts. It is located some 60 kilometers from Manado. Please bring along enough food if you like to stay longer to enjoy fresh mountain air while listening to explanations given by the keeper. It is best to ask people around because directions to this site are not very clear. This tourism object has no restaurant selling food or drink. Therefore, it is best for you to bring along your own food and buy food from Kawangkoan such as crispy Kawangkoan peanuts and other culinaries such as “ragey“, which is fried pork or “paniki“, which is fried bat with chilli.

This megalithic stone is located in Pinabetengan village, Minahasa district, which is accessible by private cars and public transportations. You can take a bus from Karombasan bus station. If you use a rented car, you can take Tomohon way toward the south i.e., to Kawangkoan.

From Kawangkoan, you can take a motor taxi to take you to the location, which is located about 2 kilometers away. This tourist object has a narrow access with sharp turnings. Therefore, you should be careful when driving your car.

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