Tumpa Mountain

Tumpa Mountains in Manado has a geographic shape that mostly high land. This mountain is a Mountain that possibly the beginning Mountain from other mountains in the province of North Sulawesi, including Mount Lokon which is more famous by its volcanic activity and Tondano Mountain that has legendary Tondano Lake, while Tumpa Mountain is located in the north side of Manado city.

Tumpa Mountain is located in the Village Tongkaina. It can be reached less than 1 hour by land and it has 750 meters high above sea level. The size of the mountain is quite small, and it suitable for tourists who are not living as nature lovers, but wanted to try to conquer the mountain without having to spend a lot of energy. This mountain is a protected forest with the scenic lush green and shady that covered by a set of palm tree plantation from local people.

Mount Tumpa is already well known in Manado because of the landscape. Moreover, we can see the beauty of the lights from the peak of this Mountain, and adorn the city of Manado from high.

In the same area with Mount Tumpa, there is Bukit Doa or prayer hill. Bukit Doa is like a religious site for contemplating, though it is not as grand and wide as Bukit Doan in Tomohon, but this hill will be enough to be a place of self-reflection while calming down from the busy city of Manado, even it is quieter here. On the hill of prayer is also quite often used as retreats, an event that is usually performed 2-3 days to get closer to The Almight while refreshing the body and soul.

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