Pulisan Beach

Beautiful sand beach, exotic rocks and hills savanna views; this complete scenery can be found on Pulisan Beach, Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi.

This is one of favorite beaches among local tourists, since the beach is booming some time ago. The beach is never empty for visitors, whether weekend, weekday or holiday. Even more, there are many Photographers are hunting for photo at this location, either with the model or not, as well as pre-wedding photographer that barely visible everywhere.

Pulisan beach is different from other coastal tourist area in North Sulawesi, the three scenic spot of sand, stone and savanna is the thing that makes it different. Moreover, the view from the underwater is also stunning. Those who love snorkeling, this place will be the right place to go. The beautiful cliff is also can be find here and make a dramatic nuance.

This beach has three parts of sections that separated by stone cliff that adjacent to the sea. The first spot is the area that maintained by the inhabitants of Pulisan Village. There is toilet, changing room and table that been rented here. We can also rent a boat to cruising over the area and see other details to know the beauty of this beach.

The most interesting location from this Pulisan beach is the cave. The cave here is not really a cave but a stone cliff that bending down into the sea that similar to the cave. We can also swimming around the exotic greyish rock around the sea. Everything is so stunning here.

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